google maps

  1. D

    Dead GPS

    Hello, I came through many versions or EU rom since I got my Mi 5x. Firstly GPS didn't work at all, but finally I fixed it to certain point. Then another rom update came and gps got broken again. With the next one - it worked, better or worse. Now I have 11.03 and GPS is literally dead. I was...
  2. M

    New Note 9 Pro restart when using google map !

    Hi,my phone rebooting all time then i try use google maps. I cleared Google map data But nothing changed
  3. D

    New [ΧΙΑΟΜΙ ΜΙ 9 phone] Camera turns on during calls and during gps navigation(google maps)

    Hello. I have this problem a lot of months and nothing is being fixed. While i am on a call , camera turns on for absolutely no reason. Also while i am in navigation using google maps , camera turns on all the time . Is there a fix or something?
  4. vegetz

    New [Mi 9] [EU 9.9.6] Google Maps location history issue

    Since eu rom updated to Android Q, This location history can't be turn on. I try to find how to enable it. but not found the solution so i tought it's a bug / if not can someone guide me how to enable this?
  5. M

    Gps Doesnt Work With Two Apps On The Same Time

    Hello together, last week i replaced my OnePlus One with a Redmi Pro and installed the On the OPO i used google maps, a maps achometer(speedometer) and the speed camera) app and had no problems. With the Redmi Pro i can only use one gps...