New Google Maps stuttering in Android Auto


Mar 12, 2021
I'm having an issue with Google Maps when connected to Android Auto. It runs smoothly in the map mode with no route navigation active, but during the navigation application begins to stutter and the picture doesn't seem smooth at all, like it is running in 5-10 FPS.
Tested on:
1) Xiaomi 12, Android 13, Stable MIUI and Weekly
2) Redmi Note 12, Android 13, Global MIUI
3) Redmi Note 7, Android 10, Global MIUI 12.5.3
Device 1 and 2 have this issue, while older device 3 is working completely smooth.
All other applications are working just fine with both wired and wireless connections to AA.

Issue is present even when testing on Desktop Head Unit and even when using spoofed coordinates.

Android Auto, GMaps stutters
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I've heard people are having the same issue with Pixel 7, Samsung S22 Ultra and S23, therefore it may be not be the only Xiaomi issue.