1. byliu

    New The incoming WhatsApp calls don't appear on the screen when the phone was unlocked

    Hi everyone, I am using Mi 9SE and the MIUI version is MIUI 12.6 21.11.24 (weekly). The version of WhatsApp is the This problem is really strange because it was started from the summer. I have given all the permission to WhatsApp and enable notification permissions to WhatsApp. But...
  2. W

    Laggy and slow interface

    I was on 9.5.9 firm and updated to latest (20.1.9) miui11 . It was really slow to surf on interface , system app even in an app folder while scrolling down and up . Scrolling another app with recent apps button really freezing . Im afraid of apps crush when opening them lol . Then I downgrade to...
  3. M

    Some issues with interface on Mi8 (8.11.8 ROM)

    Hi there, guys. I hope you will hear me and solve that killing problems for the perfectionist. I don't understand the fact that system started look like ugly incomplete piece of crap.. After the update to xiaomi.eu ROM.. The margin under the notch has a little line in one pixel annoys me...