k30 pro

  1. Y

    TWRP not able to mount after updating to 13.0 (Poco F2 Pro)

    Hi There Just update my phone to 13.0 Using miui.eu rom fastboot update but i can not use twrp to install magisk as it seems like it can not mount my storage i have tried to format with no avail and even tried some other workarounds that were listed online like changing storage to EXt2 then Back...
  2. B


    I've tried to install .EU rom but the phone keep rebooting to the TWRP only. tried 3 different ROM unsuccessfully. i have to put back stock rom to be able to boot the phone. any ideas?
  3. C

    Flashing xiaomi.eu to K30 pro

    Hi, I would like some assistance in flashing the rom onto my phone if possible.
  4. Tiagolirape

    Poor ram management

    Why does this Rom has such poor ram management? Any app, if sent to background, is automatically removed from ram. Every time I'm multi tasking, reloads, reloads and more reloads. This phone has enough ram to keep at least some apps in memory, but it keeps none. Firefox is always pushed out of...
  5. D

    New sound error, mic error - K30 Pro

    Has anyone had a situation like this yet: Dial *#*#6484#*#* Receiver and Speaker Test or any Sound Test => inactive 1: Speakerphone is not working 2: Speaker used to listen to calls does not work 3: There is no sound when using wired and wireless headphones 4: The recording software is not...
  6. GLDYY

    New ̶D̶e̶f̶a̶u̶l̶t̶ ̶R̶o̶b̶o̶t̶o̶ Every font not appearing to change to bold when apps need it. [F2 Pro / K30 Pro] [21.1.20]

    Hey, It appears as if bold fonts do not appear in some apps (e.g WhatsApp) when displaying bold text. it just appears as normal text without any boldness to it. this is happening since I flashed the Xiaomi.eu ROM. it did not happen on stock.
  7. T

    Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Edition with XIAOMI.EU Rom and Experience

    as I have notice that there are no threads here or I just missed it regarding the K30 Pro Zoom Edition with Xiaomi.EU Rom installed and experience about it when my K30 Pro Zoom arrived I immediately run the Mi Unlock Tool and it gave me a 7 days countdown, after that I flashed the stable...
  8. LaurentiuCTN

    K30 PRO ZOOM edition with Xiaomi.eu

    Hello guys, I have a question: If I install xiaomi.eu on a Redmi K30 PRO ZOOM Edition it will be a problem with the basic applications (especially with the Camera application) or others? Do I have to consider other problems / changes that may occur in the case of ROM change? I noticed that...
  9. A

    install stock firmware on k30 pro

    hi, is it possible to install the stock global rom of the k30 pro EU on my k30 pro that i took from china? is there any risk? i wanted to do it through miflash tool, some told me that i risk the brick by flashing a stock global on a chinese smartphone