1. A

    Can someone tell me like I'm five how to do a CORRECT clean installation/flash?

    Hi. This last days I've been trying in my Mi 9t Pro, and I'm struggling a bit with the perfomance of this rom. Everything works fine, no bugs, but my problem it's the perfomance, I find it slow in general, not very responsive and sometimes laggy/ with stuttering in concrete...
  2. W

    New System lagging since 12.5.5 update (alioth)

    Hello. I have no problem at all using the stable 12.5.4 Rom. When I updated to 12.5.5 the system starts to lag, the lock and unlock sounds take over 4 secconds to play after I lock or unlock my screen... The configs are laggy too, they take over 2 sec to open any setting page. When the 12.5.6...
  3. MAMAC

    [Tutorial] Battery drain & lag after OS update

    Hello, many people complain about battery drain & lags after OS update. This method maybe can help u. Lest first explane why and what this method do. Tutorial is taken from chinese xiaomi fans. Probably each of you was faced with high battery consumption in the first 3-4 days after updating or...
  4. E

    Miui 12 throttling

    I found out that device after few minutes throttles down to 60% original device performance. That is performace of galaxy s6 :( Other phones with sd835 do not do that. I went back to miui10 oreo, sutuation is better but still far away from oneplus, nokia... Throttling at 50c is too low. Anybody...
  5. leminhitalia

    Do you have any issues when installing the stable 10.3.16 or the dev 9.7.27 on K20 Pro?

    After installing the stable 10.3.16 or the dev 9.7.27 on my K20 Pro, I have experienced below issues: 1. There is not any sound on my phone. 2. When playing videos on youtube/facebook..., it's so lag. Do you have any ideas about how to fix this issue?
  6. Oxygen.exe

    New Unable to use recovery and laggy animations

    After flashing ROM on my redmi note 5 pro (global) i flashed recovery and lazy flasher then rebooted to recovery and then to system but now when I go to recovery it asks me for password that I haven't set. Also the animations aren't as smooth as I remember on stable miui. If it matters...
  7. P

    New Redmi note 7 (4/64) front camera lag motion

    Hi guys, today I buy new Redmi note 7 (no pro), when i unpack them and try front camera, it was lag motion. I try reboot and clear app cache but nothing. Rear is fine, motion is realtime and everything goes fine but front has I think 0,2 to 0,4 s delay. Sometimes more. Have anyone idea what is...
  8. Yura7

    New "freezes" bugger gesture animations

    Anyone annoyed by the lag animation of the gestures, I suggest everyone to write in the report about this issue, might fix it. Here is an example: Hi, buggy, hangs, lags, gesture animations home on Redmi 5, Redmi 5 Plus, Redmi s2, Redmi Note 5, Redmi 6 Pro, Mi 6x. Please fix.
  9. N

    Mi5 too much slow... Any suggested rom?

    Well, I have these Mi5 128gb, from the first days, and was using the Xiaomi Europe Rom, pretty good... with the time and the new versions of Miui, I feel it get slow, and slow... until the last Miui 9.6 8.5.3 was terrible, Twiter, Firefox, any game, slow to open, and to use... Twiter was...
  10. Sparrowxix

    Mi5s Lags For A Second When Switching On The Internet

    I didnt find this thread anywhere else so i m posting one myself. Basically, i usually keep my WiFi/4G off. So whenever i turn either one on for accessing the net, the phone will lag for just 1 second before going back to being normal again. Its very noticeable when i m browsing the phone's...
  11. magicmychal

    New Wrong Time On Notification Bar

    MIUI 6.12.22 Xiaomi Mi 5S no xposed Hello, recently I have a issue with time on notification bar, it lags and stops for a moment. for e.g. it's 9:41 am and 9:36 on notification bar. Applications seems to take time correct and widget on main page works good as well
  12. tonyrulez

    Vr Lag On 6.3.24 - Redminote3pro

    Hi, I bought a VR Box, but the phone lags when I cover the proximity sensor. When the sensor is uncovered everything runs smoothly. Does anyone have the same problem, and is it fixed in any ROM? Based on "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" I stuck with 6.3.24, but will update if it fixes this bug.
  13. G

    New Redmi 3 Pro Problems

    Hello, I just bought a new Redmi 3 pro and I immediately have 3 problems. 1) every time I unlock the screen or hit the "home" button I get a "Just a sec..." notification and I have to wait for 1-2 seconds... 2) I can't set any third party launcher as default. I select it, but when I go "home"...
  14. Calvyn

    Apps Not Responding After Flashing Rom To Miui 6.5.26

    I upgraded my previous ROM to MIUI 6.4.14 official, and I noticed its very battery consuming. Then I found MIUI 6.5.26 eu and flashed it. Wiped my cache and rooted too. Now I have another problem, a lot of apps will give me not responding status. Example when I open Clash of Clans, it will stuck...