Apps Not Responding After Flashing Rom To Miui 6.5.26

Jun 4, 2016
I upgraded my previous ROM to MIUI 6.4.14 official, and I noticed its very battery consuming. Then I found MIUI 6.5.26 eu and flashed it. Wiped my cache and rooted too. Now I have another problem, a lot of apps will give me not responding status. Example when I open Clash of Clans, it will stuck at the black screen for 1 minute sometimes, and sometimes it just won't move. Then it will stuck at the SUPERCELL page again for few minutes. And for instagram, I can open it fine, but after a few scrolling in posts, it will stuck and the app will gave an error "This app is not responding. Do you want to close it?" Any ideas why is these happening? Thank you.
Sep 20, 2015
All that is happening Due to previous residual files in your device ,

So I suggest you to please make a factory data Reset and install the application freshly so that you can be able to enjoy the flaw less rom

Even you are facing the same issue I request you to install the Zurion CAF kernel . By which freezing of device will get solved Tested on my devices both Mi3 and Mi4
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