Mi5 too much slow... Any suggested rom?


Nov 15, 2013
Well, I have these Mi5 128gb, from the first days, and was using the Xiaomi Europe Rom, pretty good... with the time and the new versions of Miui, I feel it get slow, and slow... until the last Miui 9.6 8.5.3 was terrible, Twiter, Firefox, any game, slow to open, and to use... Twiter was terrible laggy... first I thought was my 4g connection but under WiFi just get the same...

After read a lot here, I decide try clean install with the Miui Stable NAACNFA, but get worse even!!! A friends mine tells me is about the problem start with the implementation of IFTTT on Miui and Android 7.0, then I delete everything and downgrade until Miui 8.1 Stable MAACNDI, it get little better, but not nice...

it could be my hardware get damage little by little?

I was thinking to try any other rom is not Miui, Any suggestion?

anyone it happenings the same?

I got worse with Mi 8 launch... but I don't like it! Please Xiaomi, let me continue with my Mi 5 lol

best regards.