mi 11 ultra fastboot stuck

  1. sharvangupta

    Mobile stuck at bootloader

    Hi team, last week i purchased used MI 11 Ultra mobile and found that it was rooted(unlocked), I follow a stupid youtuber to lock the phone back, but the phone got stuck at bootloader and not the mobile is not getting boot, its just looping at bootload and saying mobile can not boot on...
  2. Z

    Mi 11 Ultra Hard bricked and locked bootloader

    Hello everybody. I'm a huge xiaomi fan and until today I've never had any issus but unfortunately and with my son's help, I'm now in a big mess. I bought a used mi 11 ultra and when I got home, my son wanted to show his skills in flashing the ROM from the global version to the EU. It went...
  3. S

    Stuck on Fastboot , after trying to root my phone

    I was trying to root my phone Mi 11 Ultra, i Unlocked the phone and then installed twrp, and when I uploaded magisk file this problem happened. Now i can't do anything with my phone its stuck on fastboot. still, show when I write the command :( fastboot devices ) i was trying to flash it using...