Stuck on Fastboot , after trying to root my phone


Feb 5, 2023
I was trying to root my phone Mi 11 Ultra, i Unlocked the phone and then installed twrp, and when I uploaded magisk file this problem happened.
Now i can't do anything with my phone its stuck on fastboot. still, show when I write the command :( fastboot devices )
i was trying to flash it using mi Flash but it gave me an error everytime. ( i used a fastboot that in other websites i coudnt find it in the official website ) . waiting for you help :)
Are you just looking to flash the ROM again first? If so go to the download section and find the most recent fastboot version. Don't use miflash, just flash it using the update script in the extracted download folder while your phone is connected to the pc in fastboot mode. Or search on for the fastboot version.