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    How can I recovery the bricked Xiaomi Mi A2 ?

    Everything begun after a simple reboot and the phone didn't start again, even it's was working well with a custom ROM before and I didn't do anything. Then, I believe I made some mistake, because I tried to recovery it flashing a stock ROM (jasmine_global_images_V10.0.13.0.PDIMIXM_9.0), with...
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    Can I install xiaomi.eu on my A2 with the firmware folder?

    Can I install xiaomi.eu on my A2 with the firmware folder? Will I receive RB4? I do not feel like returning on Android one but I want the original Miui ROM kernel. I prefer battery autonomy, thank you.
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    Is this a factory error?

    This happened me since I first bought the phone. In the 3rd of 4th day. My Xiaomi Mi A2 4/64 GB randomly turns off and then it won't turn on by itself unless you first wait like 5 to 45 minutes. Then you start it. When you try to turn it on it will show you the Android One screen and sometimes...
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    How do I convert/flash Mi A2 to Mi 6X (with EU MIUI 10)

    As the title says... I have tried flashing around the last couple of days getting nowhere closer. After finally figuring out how this A/B partitioning/flashing dual boot-recovery system works on this phone (flashing used to be so easy!).... and with TWRP working at the moment after days of...
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    EU warranty?

    How does Xiaomi EU warranty work? Ebay sellers claim 2 year EU-wide warranty provided by Xiaomi but I am not sure what this means. I am talking about Mi A2 in particular. Thanks!
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    How to install MIUI OS on my Mi A2 Lite (Androidone)?

    hi guys, is there any way to install MUIU OS on my MI A2 lite android one? Android one is not user-friendly and I hate the interface overall. Please let me know if there is any ways to install MIUI?
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    Mi Explorers Travel Journal - Andi Hope "My first post, as one of the first past the winning post!"

    Ok Ok, It's Official Now, So I Can Finally Let Myself Get Excited! I'm one of the very lucky winners of Mi Explorers Spain and I'm off to Madrid July 23rd-26th. I am honestly pinching myself, I can't believe it, 20,000 people entered and I'm one of the lucky 30 winners. Ok confession time Guys...