Is this a factory error?


Feb 15, 2019
This happened me since I first bought the phone. In the 3rd of 4th day.
My Xiaomi Mi A2 4/64 GB randomly turns off and then it won't turn on by itself unless you first wait like 5 to 45 minutes. Then you start it.
When you try to turn it on it will show you the Android One screen and sometimes you will be able to see a bit of the 4 colours moving to the right and then it will turn off

That occures randomly without any appreciable reason with whatever is the battery level.
It's almost a bricked phone before you wait enough time to turn it on.
I've tried all. From factory reset, reinstalling stock rom (dec. update) and what's supposed to be recalibrating the battery. (I think I did that fine and this error will probably be a battery one because after I did that the phone didn't turn off for a week.) But I'm not sure.

what i did to "recalibrate" the battery:

Let it discharge to 0%.
Charged the phone to 100% and wait 1 hour.
Turned on the phone and let it discharge to 0%.
Charge it to 100% and you have finished.​

I'm almost sending this to another city where ******* works and paying about 12$ for the shipping. 0$ for the repairment.
Any help?