Mar 25, 2021
Hello friends,
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 lite
Shes phone 12.5.1(OTA)
Android 11

my wife would also like to have 12.5.1 Today she has OTA 12.5.1.
After you have my 12.5.1 12.5.1 she almost burst into tears. No futures,
no superwall, nothing!!! :(

She would like to have on 12.5.1. What can I do
to make sure she gets that too. Her Mi note 10 Lite had never flashed anything before,
only OTA. Is there a possibility that you also get xiaomi 12.5.1 although now OTA 12.5.1
is draf. She is very unfortunate.

How can I remove OTA 12.5.1 again?

Thanks for your answer.
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