Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite - connectivity issues


Mar 20, 2023
Hi! My girlfriend is having a connectivity issue with her Mi Note 10 lite after MIUI 13 update. Besides disconnecting calls (outgoing and incoming) after a few seconds, there are other symptoms as well - pausing YouTube or other streams (podcasts, Netflix, music) every 10 or something seconds. It looks like every connection the phone has - wifi or cellular - just drops dead for a short time every 10 or so seconds. Tried those things but nothing works so far:
- factory reset;
- resetting network settings;
- trying sim card in a different phone - no problem there;
- trying different sim card in this phone - symptoms are the same;
- switching VoLTE off;
- downgrading to MIUI 12.5.
I found a few posts on reddit and other forums with similar or exactly the same problems but all those posts are 1-2 years old and it seems that the authors just don't care anymore so they do not answer my questions about possible solutions.
I'll probably visit XIAOMI shop today and if they won't be able to help - I'll try further downgrading maybe. Nothing else comes to mind.
I will be grateful for some hints if anyone had a similar issue.