mi note 10

  1. CaptainNezir

    Google sevrer error

    Device Mi Note 10 (tucana) first rom flashing error 7 i solved but then when installing the device it gave this error There was a problem communicating with google servers. try again later. I waited but it's been like this for 1 day. please fix tihs error
  2. M

    Xiaomi.EU ROM Camera EIS Performance

    I'm using a Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (not Redmi Note 10) as my main phone. Ever since I bought this phone 1.5 years ago the video camera has always stuttered and dropped frames during recording. My family purchased three of these phones at the same time - they all suffer from the same issue, and I've...
  3. H

    Problema con MIUI 12.5 21.3.3 BETA SEMANAL EN MI NOTE 10

    Good afternoon everyone, I have recently bought second-hand, a Xiaomi MI Note 10 in impeccable condition, complete and boxed. The issue that when I see the ROM that it brings is precisely the EU 12.5 weekly beta, 21.3.3, which has many bugs and lags. My question is, how do I improve that? Is...
  4. kembus

    Amazon Photos / Google Photos / not upload photos automatically

    Hello everyone, I have a Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (6/128). Before in my my note 10, the version of rom installed was the last version, this last version did not work well because the native recording function had conflicts with the "ok google" service. Also after several days of use, any app that was...
  5. M

    [QUESTION]/[REQUEST] Smartphone IPv4 changes every times - MIUI 12.1.3

    Hi all! I recently upgraded my MIUI to version 12.1.3 Stable on my Mi Note 10. After the update I noticed that I can no longer set a static ip address to the devices connected via the hotspot/USB tethering because the IPv4 address (gateway) of the phone changes every time I deactivate and...
  6. S

    Camera Features

    Will get Mi Note 10 Camera features? (long exposure, kaleidoscope, clone magic, front and back camera, AI emoji)
  7. R

    Anyone can help

    After updating miui 12.0.3 my phone have one side notch black why? i didn't drop it or anything just turned it off good at night and morning it was like this in photo I tried factory reset not work , I tried re install the update not work Any help?
  8. F

    New 20.10.15 Weekly Encryption not functional (despite settings saying so)

    Hi, I suppose the release thread was the wrong place for reporting this issue, but sorry for posting twice. I flashed a factory new Xiaomi Mi Note 10 with the latest 20.10.15 weekly via TWRP zip (with format /data as described in the instructions). The only issue I encountered so far is that...
  9. R

    Official MIUI 12 Firmware for Note 10?

    Hi all, My Mi Note 10 is currently on MIUI Global 11.1.2, but the OTA update doesn't seem to find MIUI 12. Any idea where I can download the official image of MIUI 12? Many thanks in advance!
  10. Kupakunk

    How to change boot logo from CC logo (EU Rom) to Original Stock Rom

    I'd like to know how to change it. I'm trying to change by using Theme app but it doesn't work. Thanks in advance
  11. BennybooT

    Locked bootloader and stuck in recovery mode.

    Hi all, TL;DR CC9 Pro (bought in China) stuck in MI Recovery 3.0 and reboot loops back to the recovery screen. Device is locked with the global rom. There is red text on the recovery screen which reads "This MIUI version can't be installed on this device." Does not matter which Mi account I use...
  12. D

    Help with install last miui eu

    First thanks for reading Yesterday I unlocked the bootloader of my note 10, install TWRP 3.3.1-3 Unofficial by mauronofrio with android 10 support. I do a format data and then install the system. No apparent errors. Restart and it does not start, it stays on the android logo. I try to do...