Amazon Photos / Google Photos / not upload photos automatically


Mar 30, 2018
Hello everyone, I have a Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (6/128).

Before in my my note 10, the version of rom installed was the last version, this last version did not work well because the native recording function had conflicts with the "ok google" service.
Also after several days of use, any app that was used closed instantly, the google store did not update because a warning "insufficient memory" would jump.
Having really half the free ram and only 20% of internal memory used, with what remains 80% free.

Change to this rom:
Miui 12 v12.0.2.0 QFDCNXM

And now if it works well and at the same time the native function of recording calls with the ok google service.

Background notifications from whatsapp, telegram, netflix ... also work well.

But I do not know what happens with amazon photos, no matter how much I leave activated to upload photos automatically, no matter how much I activate the automatic start and in the use of battery activate the option of without restrictions.
Even so with all that, the amazon photos app on my phone does not upload photos automatically, until I manually launch and open the app.
It also happens with google photos.

Does anyone know what happens?