1. S

    New Battery and Performance pop-up

    Since I updated to MIUI 13 weekly ROM 22.3.30 on my rooted Xiaomi Mi 10T (which was previously on Xiaomi.eu MIUI SJDCNXM ), there is a pop-up saying "Battery and Performance stopped working. Send report to Mi?..." appearing every 2 minutes. Can someone help me fix this issue? I already...
  2. LikMaw

    Invalid [Solved] Random reboots on Mi10T (k30S ultra) MIUI 13.0.1

    Hey everybody. I have a mi10T (Redmi k30S Ultra) device with the latest MIUI13 ROM by Xiaomi.eu I've been suffering random reboots (some of them lead me to the recovery mode) without any reason. Does somebody know what to do to solve this issue?
  3. sergiomc

    Return to global or indonesian stock

    Is there a way to return to put the global stock software in my MI10T or better yet the Indonesian one (by the Xiaomi marker)? It happens that I am in the stable EU 12.5.7, and when I wanted to follow the Xiaomi MIflash tool method, I got a message that it cannot be downgraded, from version...
  4. sergiomc

    New Can't connect WIFI 5GHz - MI10T - EU Stable V12.5.7 Android 11

    Hello good evening, I have a problem with my Xiaomi MI10T using the EU Stable with Android 11. For a while now, it disconnects from the 5GHz Wifi, and when I want to reconnect, it won't let me, I get a "Trying" message and then nothing happens. In the end, the WIFI option remains open, but it no...
  5. LikMaw

    Stucked on "Mi" logo loop

    (Xiaomi Mi10T) Hello everybody, first of all, thanks for reading because I'm in serious trouble. It's my first time using custom roms and I'm stucked on the "Mi" logo, It shows for 5 seconds and it restarts all the time. Mi, mi, mi, mi, ... I've tried to unbrick it with XiaoMiTools V2 two times...
  6. G

    New Mi10T not connecting as multimedia to car system

    Hi everyone, I have problem with my Mi10T connectig with my Suzuki Swift car as multimedia bluetooth, until the latest version of Android 10 i had no problems. When i connect on the slda trough bluetooth the phone is seen, but i can't play music or media, i can only do phonecalls, and this...
  7. A

    New Gallery keeps stopping, making the phone unusable

    Device: Mi 10T Rom: MIUI 12 / V12.0.11.0.QJDCNXM Stable
  8. lastkeyboardbender

    Mi 10T Relock the Bootloader

    Hey guys, I am a newbie here so just warn me if I did smthn wrong by opening this thread to here. I have a Mi10T (not the Pro one) here in Turkey, the normal T series have global rom (QJDMIXM) and the Pro ones have EEA (QJDEUXM). I have 1 week for my BL to be unlocked and I am just wondering if...