Bootloop all of sudden. Wiped everything, now stuck in Mi Account Unlock with no keyboard and bootloops!

Jul 15, 2021
Hello to everyone!

I have this super weird issue that happened out of the blue on a completely stock Mi 10T 5G (Non-Pro).

So let me set the stage. I was just trying to set-up a mobile hotspot. The phone crashed. I restarted the phone and it booted to a black screen that nothing showed except when I swiped from the edge of the screens. It was exactly like the gestures but nothing would go on. I let the phone 5-10 minutes so maybe it could boot but nothing.

As I was coming from a fresh wiped phone cause I had a microphone static problem, so I thought maybe if I could wipe the phone it would return to a usable condition. Well that was another poor choice. I wiped it through MIUI recovery. The phone restarted and then the Mi Account Unlock thing popped up. I thought hey I have everything needed. I headed to the WiFi settings menu, so I could connect to my WiFi. When I clicked on it, the phone rebooted. I thought that was weird. I waited it out and then again to the Mi Account Unlocked menu.

As I had a working SIM in the phone, this time I went straight to input password. In this menu I could interact with the phone, however when I tried to touch the input field, no keyboard would come up. Same thing with the emergency call option. It reboots the phone.
I tried using the SAFE MODE, nothing comes up there either.

I then flashed again my MIUI 14 EU ROM in hopes of at least fixing the WiFi settings or the keyboard, but to no effect. Then through MiFlash Unlocked, I unlocked my BL easily (I had unlocked it in the past but then relocked and flashed Official Firmware and the phone has been working fine for at least 1.5 years). I flashed the GLOBAL rom. Nothing. I then used the XiaoMi Tool V2. I also tried the chinese rom, nothing there too.

Please note that FASTBOOT and Recovery work. I have every credential needed from the Mi Account and a working SIM and WiFi connection.

I really do not know what more to do and at this point I do not have the ability to buy another phone. I am at a loss everyone. Any help is appreciated!