Mi 10T Relock the Bootloader

Jan 18, 2021
Hey guys, I am a newbie here so just warn me if I did smthn wrong by opening this thread to here. I have a Mi10T (not the Pro one) here in Turkey, the normal T series have global rom (QJDMIXM) and the Pro ones have EEA (QJDEUXM). I have 1 week for my BL to be unlocked and I am just wondering if I can re-lock the BL after installing the official EEA ROM. I am not going to use TWRP or anything, just install the EEA and I'm done. Some say this will brick the device some say not so I am confused. I was an iPhone user and swtiched to this Xiaomi, so don't know how to install the EEA ROM. If there is a guide that I can use please feel free to share with me under this message. Have a nice day and be safe !