mi11 ultra

  1. K

    no rear display with MIUI CN

    hey, i just flashed the latest stable miui CN ROM and i got no rear display working. Anyone figured it out?
  2. mbird

    TWRP Recovery from Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra to Xiaomi 14 possible?

    Hello dear expert, I have a TWRP backup of a Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra (star) phone. And now I would like to recover that backup image to a new phone, a Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro. These have different ROM's. Can I do such a backup with TWRP, that the image runs well on the new phone? Thank you, Marco
  3. H

    New Mi 11 Ultra Wifi Not Turning On, Heating Problem

    After updating from MIUI 13 to 14, wifi stopped turning on. Sometimes it comes on when you restart the phone. When I connect to any network, after a certain period of time, the phone device heats up and shuts down. When I asked a few places I know, they said the chip will be molded. If the...
  4. R

    my phone is not connecting to computer and not getting updates

    My phone is in miui 13 version, I wanted to install 14 manually, but it was like the attached and it booted back up normally, I tried to connect it to the computer and it shows as unknown device even though I installed all the drivers
  5. Bozhkovx

    New Camera App closing itself when using night mode.

    Device is Mi11 ultra (star) Chinese running Miui.eu 14.0.6 stable. Everything else on the phone works except for Night Mode and AI camera on video mode. Sometimes the issue resolves itself and the phone is able to take a few night mode pictures. I have tried deleting Camera app cache, I have...
  6. S

    Mi11 ultra. Miui 14 battery life?

    I was in miui 12.5 , my battery life was fine. But after update 14 , my battery life is really not good. Is it only me? Or miui14 problem?
  7. Mi2022

    Twrp for Mi 11 Ultra

    Hello, I need some help please. I own a Xiaomi 11 Ultra with Android 12. I would like to download the latest update with Android 13 but I don't currently have twrp installed. Can someone tell me which twrp version I need and possibly give a little guide? many thanks
  8. W

    Can't update from MIUI13 to 14 in TWRP - Files are encrypted but TRWP doesn't ask for password to decrypt them

    Hey guys! I wanted to update from the Xiaomi.eu MIUI13-Stable-ROM to the new MIUI14 Stable. I downloaded the ROM and put it in my Downloads folder. But when I reboot to recovery to install it I can't find the download-folder, any other folder is empty and it shows the internal storage as "0"...
  9. G

    New Mi 11 Ultra / GPay issues using specific credit card app

    Hi friends! I live in Brazil and I use a credit card from a huge and popular private bank (ItauCard). This credit card, GPay and NFC worked correctly on my last phone, a Mi9 using ROM V12.5.6.0.RFACNXM_v12-11. However, now that I've switched to a Mi 11 Ultra, I can't complete the process of...
  10. H

    Unable to open apps after update wait until your device is fully rebooted before opening apps

    Can somebody help. I have updated my Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra to Xiaomi.eu STABLE and now i cannot access any apps as i keep on getting the message "wait until your device is fully rebooted before opening apps" I have done a fastboot install of this version and got no luck. Any help...
  11. W

    Is it possible to flash a xiaomi.eu ROM on a Mi11 Ultra with the latest China-ROM [MIUI 13 22.3.21]?

    Hey guys! After looking through the forum I'm still not sure if and how this is possible. Can I just use the latest stable TWRP-ROM from here and flash it on my device using the manuals posted here? I know I have to unlock it first, but I found no definitive confirmation that it's that easy...
  12. K

    Mi11 Ultra EU-ROM don't Show the "Unlock Status" option

    Hi Guys, I Just bought the Mi11 Ultra with EU-ROM via eBay and tried to get an Update - Updater isn't reacting. So i watched some tutorials how i could update it manually and everyone says you need to unlock the phone by open developer options and tap on "Mi Unlock Status", but there's the...