New Mi 11 Ultra / GPay issues using specific credit card app


Aug 3, 2022
Hi friends!

I live in Brazil and I use a credit card from a huge and popular private bank (ItauCard).

This credit card, GPay and NFC worked correctly on my last phone, a Mi9 using ROM V12.5.6.0.RFACNXM_v12-11.

However, now that I've switched to a Mi 11 Ultra, I can't complete the process of adding this credit card to my Google Wallet.

I've already tried using two ROMs V13.0.13.0.SKACNXM (Recovery) and V13.0.12.0.SKACNXM (Fastboot), but still fails.

Other cards work, the problem occurs Just with ItauCard app. Can anyone guide me on how to resolve this?

Could it be something related to app permissions?

Thank you in advance!
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