Twrp for Mi 11 Ultra


Jan 11, 2022
Hello, I need some help please. I own a Xiaomi 11 Ultra with Android 12. I would like to download the latest update with Android 13 but I don't currently have twrp installed. Can someone tell me which twrp version I need and possibly give a little guide?

many thanks
I went through this myself recently

You're on Android 12 just now, so as Franch says, you need to install the Android 12 version
You can then use that to flash the MIUI 14/Android 13 ROM - then you'll need to reinstall the Android 13 version of TWRP afterwards
I think that when MIUI 14 Stable is installed, a new version of TWRP for A13 is installed with it.
Can anybody confirm that?