1. B

    my mi 9 still has no available update to A11

    Hi, I have Xiaomi Mi 9, with A10 and MIUI 12.0.5 (QFAEUXM) on board. Last security update was in April '21, whereas there were already both A11 and miui 12.5 enhanced released on Mi9 almost a year ago. My device still hasn't got them. I try changing region regularly, also i've tried manually...
  2. M

    Problem with the gamepad on the miui 12.5 resolved!

    Finally, after messing around with the Miui 12.5 accessibility settings a lot, I disabled all shortcuts within all accessibility options. It worked for me, and I believe it will work for you. Anything that says "shortcut" in accessibility, talkback, and other options, disable it.
  3. A

    Phone with issues, want to discern if hardware or software

    I have a Mi 9 and yesterday it did some weird thing, as it rebooted itself twice in a row at mid day and by afternoon it shutdown itself to being completelly unresponsive. The phone appeared dead as I couldn't power it on, nor bootloader/fastboot. Also connecting the charging cable didn't do...
  4. V

    sistym problem hardbrick xiaomi mi 9, help

    Xiaomi mi 9, doesn't turn on, doesn't recharge, doesn't work when pressing the power + vol button, does the system with problems have any possibility to recover the data?
  5. Z

    New Google photos free up space issue since 12.6 (mi9)

    Hi, since I'm on 12.6 I can't free up space on google photos, the application restart during the free up and nothing is deleted on my phone. I thought a format/re-install could help but there is the same problem. There was 3 or 4 updates since, but the same problem. There is a solution please ?
  6. V

    Upgrade to android 11?

    Hi, I'm using MI9 with Global Stable rom android 10 right now but it is boring for me. I really want to try android 11 custom roms, cause roms for android 10 are mostly leaved by devs. What should I do? Install miui or do I need update to android 11 first? Thanks to all of You:)
  7. mar_robHD

    Invalid Lost widevine L1 again after renewal on Mi 9 after some time

    Today, 10 hours ago I got a new L1 certificate on my Mi9 via fingerprint payments. Unfortunately the widevine status changed from L1 back to L3. I'm also unable to download a new certificate. When trying to download the new certificate, the error code 1 pops up
  8. H

    New [MIUI 12.6 21.5.12] custom ringtone not recognized

    Hi, I am on Mi9 with MIUI 12.6 weekly 21.5.12. Problem: selecting a custom ringtone (mp3) is possible, its playing in preview, but getting a call, a default System ringtone is played. Selecting another System Tone is working. Seems i am not the only one...
  9. limb0ist

    "Other" in storage is about 50gb

    I've noticed that I am about to run out my 128gb of storage. I checked to see that there is an OTHER category which is 50gb in size. What is that and more importantly how do I get rid of that?
  10. mar_robHD

    New Lost Widewine L3 on Mi9 after upgrade

    Hello, since upgrading my cepheus from MI9_21.4.7_v12-11 to 21.4.14_v12-11, my Widewine L1 level got lost. I can't listen properly to music on Tidal and can't watch Netflix (error code 2119) Thanks for help
  11. K

    New Mi 9 icon bug

    It shows the bug as in the picture. Xiaomi mi9, version 21.4.2
  12. J

    Mi 9 Screen Flashing or Flickering

    I have problems with my Mi9 sometimes when I lock the device the screen flashes in a green color like the finger on the screen, it is a very fast flash, like 1 second and then the AOD appears, after a few times it does that it turns off automatically the AOD. I have that error from the last...
  13. Dionatan Kohn

    New IA buttons

    Because the option to configure artificial intelligence buttons on the Xiaomi Mi9 disappeared?
  14. R

    New MI9 V12.0.4.0 Camera doesn't work

    Since I upgraded to the latest version, the camera on my phone has stopped working, just take a photo and the app closes and the photo isn't saved. The same is happening with other applications like Instagram. You can't take photos or record videos, and making a Storie with photos from the...
  15. Dionatan Kohn

    New Battery Bug Mi 9

    Mensagem de erro sendo exibida no mi 9 como resolver após a atualização 209.17
  16. O

    New GPS turns on automatically [MI9]

    When i turn on battery saver mode, gps turns on automatically. I turn off and after a few minutes its turn on back. [Xiaomi.Eu ROM 20.8.20 - Xiaomi Mi 9]
  17. gvarph006

    Screen turning yellow when looking at white content.

    I've been having having an issue with my mi9 after the last MIUI12 update. The screen turns yellow when open something that makes majority of the pixels on my screen white. I have tried playing with reading mode but that only makes it more yellow, color profile is set to standard and...
  18. Y

    I broke my Mi 9SE, anyone can help me? :(

    Hi everyone ! Recently i tried to install the eu rom to my mi 9se but I could not do it, so to return to my stock rom (my fault) I flashed the rom with the option to block bootloader. I tried to repair it with miassistant and it did not work I also tried with miflash and it did'nt work either I...
  19. E

    Invalid MI9 does not turn on

    Hi, I can't restart My Xiaomi Mi 9 for two weeks now, and the FastBoot's methods don't work. However, I can still turn my phone back on after it runs out of battery. The phone works normally but turns off automatically after a while (a few minutes to several hours). And I have to wait until the...
  20. eabe2000

    New [20.4.30] Mi9 Camera keeps stopping

    After a update i noticed that my Camera app is not working, it's closing with error. I've tried to clean the data and cache but it didn't fix the problem. Any ideas?