1. J

    Increase Memory/RAM Extension Limit

    Do you know we can Increase Memory Extension Limit in MIUI? As all MIUI 12.5 users know, there is a feature called “RAM/Memory Extension”, which adds a little bit more RAM technically to the system and makes it run better. There’s a way to modify that value. What is Memory Extension in MIUI...
  2. O

    Invalid google pay only show 3 countries in list

    device: Xiaomi 10 pro miui version: 12.5.10 stable google pay version: 142.12.5 I'm in Australia. But the google play doesn't show Australia. This problem has appeared for at least half a year. I don't know if it's miui bug or google pay bug.
  3. J


    When using the full screen in landscape mode, black borders remain and the animations fail when returning to portrait mode (split in two) in any application and the keyboard remains very low even with the maximum height allowed and does not fill the screen in landscape mode(black borders in a...
  4. J


    When using background-foreground applications that use the network, choose to close one of the applications or reduce the quality of connection to the network, even if they are performing activities that consume few resources either in the background and in the foreground or both at the same...
  5. bvrvn

    I can't install MIUI

    I am using the official Twrp version but when I try to install this rom it fails. It says "This is Onclite not Onc."
  6. R

    Redmi 7 miui 12.5 System program inconsistencies

    Why miui 12.5 in redmi 7, has miui 12 system ui and control center and old power menu also miui 11 volume control?!
  7. R

    Difference between RKFMIXM and RFDCNXM

    I understand that MI is a code for other countries, and CN is for china builds. But i though the very essence of xiaomi.eu builds was that it was based on China builds without bloatware and adds. What is the difference in these two? I want to install a stable 12.5 built on my mi note 10 pro...
  8. R

    sound settings not working miui12.5 android 11

    i can't acces my sound settings in the settings menu, it keeps force closing. while i can change the notification sounds in particular apps, I can't use the designed settings section to do it.