1. T

    issue with blur on redmi note 11

    yesterday I installed the .eu on my rn11, and in my use there is something that bothers me a lot, which is the blur lagged in the control center, and I came to ask, is there any way to deactivate the blur in the .eu?
  2. T

    Not sure how to flash

    I have read how to flash it, about fastboot and recovery roms, and have watch videos on how to flash JUST to make sure I won't mess anything up, and the procedure it's very, very simple (I plan to use fastboot for my Redmi note 10 pro). But even then, I'm very inexperienced and can't get over...
  3. 8

    The size of HID_DEV_MTU_SIZE in the MIUI 13 STABLE ROM?

    Hi Developers, I am using your stable MIUI13 ROM on my K30 Pro, and it works surprisingly good, thanks for all your work. I want to use my phone to do the Amiibo emulator, I need to know the size of HID_DEV_MTU_SIZE in this ROM. Could you let me know or tell me how to check it? BR 8ar10der
  4. Nii×Chan

    Redmi note 9s Miui 13 (Curtana)

    OHello good afternoon I would like to ask how is the update of the redmi note 9s on miui13 and if it has many bugs or is it already optimized for day to day use, and the battery is draining quickly as Several people are reportingq
  5. J

    Invalid POCO X3 NFC MIUI V13.0.1 UI BUGS

    There are many UI bugs I noticed in this latest MIUI v13.0.1 update after I dirty flash and clean flash. 1st When I rotate my phone in landscape mode the control cards are not fixed I have to scroll down to turn on/access my other toggles. 2nd bug is the launchers A-Z scrollbar, 3rd after the...
  6. M

    Invalid MIUI 13 not opening apps on click

    So, I've got this massive problem with my new Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G. When I attempt to open an application via the home screen, it stays on the icon's clicking shade. Then, it says "System Launcher has stopped". I press OK, and it reloads. How I use apps is once I reboot, I have like 30 and fewer...
  7. O

    Mi 10 5g switch from stable MIUI.EU 12.5 to stable MIUI.EU 13

    Hello At the moment, I have a stable MIUI.EU 12.5, but I want to upgrade to Stable MIUI.EU 13. Can I do this without deleting the whole storage (with the update.bat file), and if the answer is YES, is it recommended to upgrade without deleting the storage? Will I face glitches or errors in the...
  8. C

    Invalid Unable to apply themes with new control center

    Sorry, why if I download themes for miui 13 and designed for new control center it doesn't work (control center remains the same)?Thanks
  9. D

    How to restore MIUI default recovery on Android 12 ?

    Hello. i have a Redmi K40S. I have installed ROM Xiaomi.EU 13.0.7 via fastboot (in this version its recovery is the default MIUI recovery). Update 13.0.10 is now available via recovery mode. I used this method to update : in fastboot. I used fastboot boot twrp.img The phone then booted into twrp...
  10. xEnakil

    Invalid Instagram not works on Mi 11 Lite version

    After installing I tried everything but still no success. After launching it immediately crashes.
  11. Plank99

    Notification issue with Facebook Messenger (No context in notification only last sent message is shown)

    Hello, Last week I installed Xiaomi eu ROM on my Xiaomi Note 10 Pro (HMNote10Pro_V13.0.8.0) and my question would be that why Facebook Messenger notification label can't show the previous messages that were sent to me only the last on even if I pull down on the notification. Whatsapp can do it...
  12. C

    New POCOX3Pro (stock and vayu ROM): trouble with permissions, data sync, music, camera, accesibility, gyroscope

    Hey, hello! Nice to meet you all! First of all, thank you so much for developing Europe ROMs. They have been very helpful and improved my life a lot. Some years ago, I already tried your Europe ROM for Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite. Your ROM, along to its hardware, made it be the best phone I ever had. I...
  13. L

    Problem to unlock bootloader

    hello good morning, I have a Chinese mi 11 ultra, by mistake I closed the bootloader with a global ROM, through EDL they repaired the phone, but I have this error and I can't open the bootloader, any help?
  14. T

    Can't install facebook after upgrade

    Hi, after upgrade my 11t pro to miui 13 i can't install the facebook app! Anyone knows how to solve this issue?
  15. C

    Invalid How to change default System Elements style?

    I replaced MIUI Global version with Xiaomi.eu version in my POCO X3 Pro last week, and I noticed that I can't change the system elements style when I select it from the Themes app or even the ones that were already installed in the ROM, it remains the same style although it says I have another...
  16. SteelOrchid12

    Can I direct flash MIUI13 Stable to K30 in flashing from a bootloop?

    When trying to flash MIUI13 stable from MIUI EU 12.5 thru fastboot, I ran into bootloop k30 4g I am wondering if I can do flashing of recovery rom directly to miui13? BTW, my K30 has unlocked bootloaders I am thinking of not going from the very start (installing the stock China ROM) because it...
  17. S

    New Battery and Performance pop-up

    Since I updated to MIUI 13 weekly ROM 22.3.30 on my rooted Xiaomi Mi 10T (which was previously on Xiaomi.eu MIUI SJDCNXM ), there is a pop-up saying "Battery and Performance stopped working. Send report to Mi?..." appearing every 2 minutes. Can someone help me fix this issue? I already...
  18. W

    New I applied the theme, but the status bar icons always return to default

    MIUI13 stable release(V13.0.3.0SJACNXM), restarting doesn't help
  19. W

    Invalid Redmi K30S Ultra keeps poping "Permissions keeps stopping"

    I updated my cellphone to 13.0.1 stable. Btw, it's successfully. After that it keep poping "Permissions keeps stopping" Send bug report to Mi for analysis? This report may contain may contain Personally Identifiable information. Your report will be used to help fix this bug and will never be...
  20. MER_12

    New Extreme Batery saving no working

    Hello After Miui13 actualization, the Extreme battery save mode is not working in my Mi11 little. I activated it as usual, but the phone is staked in the "activating" screen. I see a "tic" in the first elements ( stopping apps, screen brightness) but he never past the las step (black mode)...