New POCOX3Pro (stock and vayu ROM): trouble with permissions, data sync, music, camera, accesibility, gyroscope


Mar 14, 2019
Hey, hello!
Nice to meet you all!
First of all, thank you so much for developing Europe ROMs.
They have been very helpful and improved my life a lot.

Some years ago, I already tried your Europe ROM for Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite.
Your ROM, along to its hardware, made it be the best phone I ever had.
I still miss it *sniff*

Also, thank you so much for developing the Europe ROM for Poco X3 Pro.
After Google banned call recording from the Accesibility capabilities, I had to change the ROM.
So I'm grateful because now I can listen to call recordings again.
(I suffer from dissociative amnesia, but Google doesn't see as an Accesibility problem lol )

I wanted to ask if someone else's having the following trouble, because it is making my MIUI experience a bit frustrating.


I'll leave some specs (if more are needed, tell me)
- Device: Xiaomi POCO X3 Pro
- MIUI: 13.0.4 (V13.0.4.0) (SJUMIXM) (Stable)
- Release: Stable
- codename: vayu
- Version: Global
- Link:

Problem 1: unstable contact syncing​

When I use apps that make use of contact syncing, like WhatsApp, Telegram, Telephone, Messages, etc., most of the time the contacts are not synced, and I can only see them as plain telephone numbers and not contacts with their names, surnames, metadata, groups, etc.

I suspect this is because a sync problem between my Google account, which has my contacts, and my Mi Account or my phone.
This only has started happening after changing to ROM.

Problem 2: trembling camera​

When I use Camera app and I start recording videos, I can see how the framing trembles at the very moment I am filming.
I have looked up a bit in the forums, and I suspect it may be related to the giroscope functioning.

This happened also with Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite Global ROM made by
But in 8 Lite's case was much worse: I couldn't film anything because the framing wasn't trembling, but shaking.

Now is not so serious in my POCO, but it still affects when I have to show detailed videos for troubleshooting.

Problem 3: unstable GPS calibration​

When I use Google Maps app to know my orientation and position, Google Maps is unable to keep my Poco's compass calibrated.

I always get lost and frustrated because I go the opposite way. Google Maps always recommends me to calibrate my position.

- If it's not calibrated (most of the time), Google Maps shows my position as a blue dot with a blue spotlight that breaths slowly in all directions.
- If it's calibrated (because I manually did it), Google Maps shows my position as a blue dot with no breathing aura and a determined spotlight looking in the same direction I am.

This has been happening since I bought the device, before changing to's ROM.

Problem 4: blank camera with calibrating in Google Maps​

When trying to use the Calibrate function at Google Maps, sometimes the camera is blank, so it cannot analyze of my surroundings to recalibrate my compass.

I end having to cancel the Calibrate function and starting again.

Normally, the blank camera problem only occurs the first time, maybe because of some permission related to the camera or maybe the autostart option, or not being able to run in background...

This has been happening since i bought the device, before changing to's ROM.

Problem 5: apps don't update automatically in Google Play​

Even if apps are set to be updated automatically, I always have to go to Google Play once a week to manually update the apps that have received an update.

Sometimes, even if I tap on "Update all now", some apps still don't start updating, and I have to update them one by one.

Problem 6: accessibility button "not working correctly"​

Some apps like Bitwarden (password vault), AlertCops (Police call), Cube ACR (call recording), AppBlock (block apps for productivity) need Accesibility permissions like access to the Accessibility Button.

When you give them permissions, the apps say now everything is correct, and you can now use the apps at full functionality.
But when you close the app and open it again, the apps ask you Accesibility permissions again.
If you go to MIUI's Accessibility adjustments > General > Downloaded Apps, you can see the list of apps that need Accesibility permissions to work.
And all of them have a gray note saying: "It doesn't work. Tap for more information".
When you tap on each of the apps that show this message, you can see "Information about [APP]. This service is not working correctly".

This has been happening since i bought the device, before changing to's ROM.

Problem 7: distorted multimedia audio​

When listening music in Spotify, sometimes the music starts to sound distorted.
Tempo and pitch are lowered, and it sounds scary, because it's like if the music or the phone were dying.
When you pause the song or play other songs, it's still affected.
You have to close Spotify app and open it again if you want to make music sounds again as it should.

And if I am not mistaken, Spotify doesn't remember when I stopped playing the song in the reproduction bar, and shows a non-current timestamp, maybe 1 minute before (maybe the time between Spotify started sounding weird and I closed it?)

This happens when using data, not wifi.
But it happens even if quality is low.
It also happens independently of "Normalize audio" option is activated or not.

I don't know if this happens while playing media in other apps.

This has been happening since i bought the device, before changing to's ROM.

Problem 8: some notifications not working on time​

Some apps give notifications on time, but others do not.

My suspicion lies on the permissions again, and I have done the following for all my important apps:
- Autostart: activated.
- Permisions: activate "Show in lock screen", "Show pop windows while working on background", "Permanent notification"
- Restrict data use: activated for "Wi-Fi" and "Data".
- Battery saving: select "No restrictions".
- Notifications: set as I desire them to appear.

Is there more I can do?

This happens on random, but I suspect it is your typical MIUI behavior, and not exclusive to ROM.

Problem 9: complicated storage permissions​

When I try to move data in my SD card, or when I try that some app has access to a certain folder, MIUI's File Manager says "This folder cannot be used. To protect your privacity, choose another folder. CREATE FOLDER".

It seems that all the folders that were created prior this MIUI update are now locked for my POCO, so I have to create new ones.
But I don't really want to create new folders. The folders that are now locked are the ones I need.

How can I unlock them?
I know I have to fix some permissions, but I have searched in MIUI Settings and MIUI File Manager, and I am not finding them.

I believe this happened after some MIUI official update, maybe MIUI 12 or MIUI 13.

Please, let me know if I do something wrong, you need more info about something, you have some technical support for me, etc.
I will do what you say and update with the fixes I made so it can help other people.

Thank you so much for reading.
Have a nice day!