1. H

    Card Emulation

    Hi I installed and rooted it using magisk via boot.img I downloaded an app from the play store called card emulator pro root. I tried to emulate the card it was successful but when I tested it it was spamming the reader. Thank you
  2. M

    Installing Xiaomi eu on redmi k40 gaming

    Hi, I hope someone has some understanding that they are able to share with me. I currently have a Redmi K40 gaming edition phone. It's NFC seems to be disabled due to the current rom that it has which i believe is MIUI Global Stable (RKJINXM) with the poco launcher. It also does not...
  3. L

    nfc bug on my note 10

    I have updated to miui 12.5.7 and since today the payment with gpay does not work for me.
  4. M

    POCO F2 PRO NFC problem

    I'm trying to use NFC on my phone but isn't working properly. I have the 12.5.2 Stable ROM ( rom). Anyone else with this problem?
  5. 4

    Invalid poco x3 nfc 12.5.1

    Hi, I have some issues. I'm trying to recover a home screen from the xiaomi cloud. It seems that there are no backups in the recovery even though there are. 2. When I try to update the google play system the device turns off and on. Updates but after the power does turn off and on again and...
  6. XiohAtk

    Question about Redmi Note 10 Pro [NFC]

    Hello i am interested in purchasing a Redmi Note 10 Pro but i have gotten some confusion surrounding NFC i have searched about and gotten basically it depends but i don't understand what it depends on NFC is very important to me for payments and a NFC chip i have implanted in my hand (xSIID)...
  7. J

    Google Pay NFC again...

    Dear all, I've flashed the latest ROM (12.0.2. stable) on my RN8T (willow) and Google Pay refuses to work for NFC. Before that, it was the same story with 11.0.5. The office is not rooted, I have only installed the ROM via TWRP and left the bootloader unlocked. I know, the topic has...
  8. N

    NFC Payment with EU Rom

    Is there (or will there be in the nearer future) a possibility to use the phone for electronic NFC payment? Like Google pay or similar. (Mi 10 Ultra with MIUI 12.0.13 stable)
  9. Behenate

    NFC doesn't work on MIUI, Redmi note 8t

    Hi. I have been using LineageOS Android 10 based custom ROM for a couple of months, but it had some camera issues. When I noticed there was a MIUI12 ROM avalible to download I decided to install it (I did a clean flash. Wiped everything and formated data). All seemed fine, then I tried...
  10. J

    New [12.0.2] [Mi8] NFC (and Google Pay) not working

    I'm having a problem with NFC, Google Pay and Card Emulator PRO. None of them work, but I get no error. I can add credit cards in Google Pay, I get no error. I can add cards in Card Emulator PRO, and I get no error. But when trying to use any of the apps to pay, the phone does nothing. I've...
  11. K

    NFC stop working

    Hello , last time i pay in shop with my phone and it was last time . next time when i try nothing happend. When i try send web site by nfc to other phone it is working but paying is broke :( Can anyone help me with this ? It is nfc problem or maybe some configuratiion ?
  12. I

    How to get Google Pay Working on a Custom ROM - Magisk Manager & Rooting Your Device

    This is a very quick guide on how to get Google Pay working on devices that have a custom ROM installed on them. To do this all you need to do is install Magisk, which will Root Your device. You will need twrp installed, so please check out my other video on how to do so. LINKS...
  13. Arguuo

    New Bank's Payment App Fc Every Time

    My bank's NFC Payment app (which is a Paylib solution) FC every time I try to pay with. I tried to allow the auto-start, to dismiss any restriction to save battery, I checked if I'm correctly using the HCE Wallet and if my bank's app is the default payment app. But it keeps crashing when I put...
  14. Arguuo

    Paylib With

    Hello, is there some french guys using Paylib solution for NFC Payments with a ROM here ? I wonder if it works when the bootloader is unlocked. I saw in features : SafetyNet passed (Android Pay) But what about other solutions than Android Pay ? :rolleyes:
  15. Z

    New Nfc [miui | Stable]

    Hi, I enabled NFC on my Mi Note2, i tried to read multiple tags but can't read one. I think NFC isn't working at all I tried : *#*#6484#*#* Hardware test > Additional tools > NFC test tools > Enable CE and it shows "cannot enable" Does anyone know what can I do ?
  16. H

    New Mi5s Nfc Is Not Working On 7.4.x Roms

    I am using weekly updated roms on my Mi5S device. NFC is not working for a while. I just updated 7.4.27 and NFC is still not working.
  17. E

    Nfc Not Working On Stable

    Hi, I am new to the Mi5S as I am to this forum. I already searched but did not find anything on NFC problems. Though ON, NFC seems to be not working, I tried 3 different apps. Any ideas? Thanks
  18. T

    Unlock Mi5 Phone With Nfc

    Hey, :) First, sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand me. :S I will unlock my Xiaomi mi 5 phone with my NFC Tag. What I did: 1) Unlock bootloader and installed the miuiV8 stable ROM. Then I installed Xposed and unlocked the "Google Smart Lock". I registered my NFC Tag, but the phone...
  19. M

    Nfc Payment - Android Pay

    Hey Guys! I tried to install Android Pay to be able to pay with NFC. I can't find it in Google Play. Do you have any experience with NFC Payment? I also try to change the default payment app in "Tap & Pay" but was not able. I can only choose Android Pay, which is not installed. (I tried PayPal...