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  1. K

    PAID JOB: build a MIUI V5 4.6.20 version for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910C (Exynos, treltexx)

    Could someone please build a MIUI V5 4.6.20 version for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910C (Exynos, treltexx)? I would pay to have the MIUI V5 4.6.20 on my Note 4 N910C. Thanks, Konrad
  2. K

    Phone getting locked when tapping display (randomly)

    Hello, I have very strange problem with my Redmi Note 4 MTK. Sometimes I cann't use my device. When I'm touching screen phone is getting locked (black screen) and asking me again for password/fingerprint (like after double click on PWR button). I made update of MIUI, wipe data and it helps...
  3. A

    Alert Messages How To?

    Hallo, Hoe kan ik mijn telefoon instellen om waarschuwingsmeldingen te ontvangen. Ik wil ook vragen of er de Nederlandse taal beschikbaar is voor Redmi noot 4 miui global (NCFMIFA)
  4. S

    Redmi Note 4 Global - Slow Nand

    Hi. I just buy Redmi Note 4 Global 4/64GB (SD625), and while doing some performance tests I noticed that my phone is getting a decent performance in random write speed: about 7.5 MB/s (Androbench) - even my girlfriend in her low level Redmi 4A get over 8MB/s Before buying this phone I read some...
  5. toledorobia

    What Is The Best Stable Rom For Redmi Note 4 Mtk?

    What is the best stable ROM for Redmi Note 4 MTK? Because with 8.1.10 I have many problems with the signal, since when it changes from 4G to 3G it stops loading the websites, even though it shows +H and with all the bars. ROM 8.2.2 is too laggy. Thanks in advance.
  6. L

    Pokémon Go - Unnable To Authenticate

    Hello, since yesterday I am experiencing an issue loging in Pokémon go, I'm here to ask if someone knows why, I played since November without problems and now it's impossible it's always the "unnable to connect" and saw more people with note3 or note4 with that problem. Got my images of my os...
  7. C

    Can't Play Pokémon Go On My Note 4

    Hey guys I just recently bought a Xiaomi Note 4 also to play pk go and when I try to login to my account it says its not compatible. Please please could someone help me out? I already applied for unlocking my bootloader Many thanks!!
  8. A

    Where Is The User Guide For My Xiaomi Redmi Note 4?

    Hello, I bought a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 a few days ago, and to my surprise there was no user guide in the package, neither in physical or digital form. After trying to find a web version for a couple of days I'm beginning to think that there is no user guide at all, perhaps for any Xiaomi phones...
  9. D

    Note 4 Conversion To Stock Android

    has anyone achieved this yet?