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  1. D

    Notification Icons (Issue) - Poco F3

    Hi, I recently bought a Poco F3 and something that bugs the hell out of me is the notification icons, that they are in different shapes and sizes, which also causes the text in the notifications to not align to each other (see the image below). Is there any way to make this universal, so that...
  2. N

    STATUS BAR: how to move Clock and Alarm icon to the right side in Status Bar

    Is there a way I can move the clock and the alarm icon from the left to the right side of the status bar, together with the battery indicator? I believe that the left side should remain for the needs of the user items while these appear as the system items. It seems as logical request. In that...
  3. A

    request: more icons in status bar

    everything in thread title. nothing is a must,just some cool suggestions,for devices without notch of any kind(k30pro/k20/pro)would be nice having more than 5 notification's icons. thanks for the wonderful work
  4. Arguuo

    Invalid The "using Gps" Notification Is Boring

    This is a feature I guess, but the notification which say "This app use GPS location" should can be disabled. It's boring because of the app icon in the status bar which looks like a new notification, and when we pull down the notification center we just see "Searching GPS... - Snapchat" or...