Notification Icons (Issue) - Poco F3


Sep 22, 2021

I recently bought a Poco F3 and something that bugs the hell out of me is the notification icons, that they are in different shapes and sizes, which also causes the text in the notifications to not align to each other (see the image below). Is there any way to make this universal, so that it sticks to round icons and the same sizes for all? I tried switching to different themes, which only changes some icon shapes, but never from messaging apps where a profile picture is shown, they always stay squared and very big compared to other apps. Which is strange because inside the apps the profile pictures are round...

Any fix for this? If not, is it possible to remove the profile pictures from the notifications, so that it just show the app icon instead (perhaps that will make them the same size)?

I'm running MIUI Global 12.5.3.

Thanks in advance!

Use Android notification display, not MIUI.

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Unfortunately it's the same thing there, it just changes the layout a little bit but not the shapes and sizes of the icons.
That's how Xiaomi designed it, there's no way to change that without heavy code and layout changes.
I got a reply from the support and it seems to be a bug and hopefully the issue will be resolved in the upcoming 12.5.4 update.