notification issue

  1. T

    Xiaomi 14 Ultra Problems

    I got my Xiaomi 14 Ultra (EU model) about three weeks ago. And I have noticed a couple of issues that are quite annoying… No. 1: When using speakerphone in a call, the other person's sound completely disappear for about 5-20 seconds randomly. No. 2: Mobile data stops working randomly. It...
  2. Lopolin

    How to force Notification Priority? (like WhatsApp)

    Yes I know that the notification priority setting was removed, but how and why does WhatsApp still appear above anything else? Can I force that for other apps as well? (Via something like TWRP editing a file or ADB) I am using MIUI 14 on my POCO X3 Pro Here a screenshot:
  3. N

    Notification Spam when mobile signal is lost

    Anybody knows how to disable notification for when mobile signal is lost on Redmi Note 11 Pro 5g with MIUI 13. I have to mute my phone when this happens because it spams notificiation every second.
  4. A

    Music controls missing in notification shade and lock screen

    Hello everyone. Since I updated my Xiaomi 12 Pro to Android 13 (MIUI version: Global 13.2.4 Stable), I have issues with my music apps - I use Spotify and SoundCloud and they both stopped showing pause/play, previous and next song buttons in notification shade and lock screen (as can be seen in...
  5. Otoc28

    Group notifications

    Is this a bug? Or the rom doesn't have group notifications enabled? I am on miui 12.5.5 in poco x3 pro, when I first started the rom I had the option of group notifications, I activated them, then when I left and re-entered configuration I no longer saw the option to activate them, until now I...
  6. Fabiomed

    badge icon notification issue with MIUI 12

    Hello, after I upgraded ti MIUI 12 my Note 8 Pro, often happens that badge icon notification does not appear, while I can see the icon on notify bar correctly. I tried everything: 1- no battery save 2- permissions are ok 3- app autostart are ok 4- no battery limitation 5- checked everything in...
  7. vegetz

    Invalid [RESOLVED] 9.6.13 Notification sealing on lock screen.

    The 'Show all notifications and thier contents' option for notification on lock screen is not working. It's the same as 'Show all notifications but hide content', the notification is sealed and i need to lift up the phone and do the face unlock to reveal the sealed notifications. I'm on Mi 9.
  8. H

    New Mi music and lockscreen

    the application mi music does not show the playback notification in the lockscreen, i thought that fix in the version 8.9.13 8in a xiaomi redmi 3s, HM3SHM3X)i saw the bug from the version 8.9.6 on the same device but i don't know if it was before
  9. Digitalgerry

    Phone Service Constant Alerting When Roaming

    Hi. I have a new A1 Global edition and very pleased except for the constant alerting from Phone services on my roaming. I am in France and have a French SIM which jumps between networks as semi rural. And also a UK SIM. This means I get alerts constantly like every 2-3 mins!!!!!! HOW can I...
  10. B

    How I Fixed Push Notification (final Answer, No 4 Steps)

    Hello, I purchased a Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 and received it last friday. Flashed the latest EU rom and loaded the latest Google Apps x86, all went well. But as many, if not every of you, I was a bit frustated by the fact that apps notifications, such as eBay, Gmail, seems completely ****ed. I...