Nov 8, 2016

I purchased a Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 and received it last friday. Flashed the latest EU rom and loaded the latest Google Apps x86, all went well.

But as many, if not every of you, I was a bit frustated by the fact that apps notifications, such as eBay, Gmail, seems completely ****ed. I researched a bit on the matter and it was quite funny to see all those posts with the famous ''4 steps'' way when those steps miss the point, completely (sorry).

First, you must understand that Xiaomi devices do not comes with Google Play and aren't made for apps that come from Google Play either. This is the core of the issue. All you need to to is those 2 steps (let's call it the ''toad way'').

1) You must set Google Services Framework to never go to sleep. Apps from the Play Store uses the Google Frameworks to send push notification. If that process goes to sleep, so does your notifications. Simply go Settings / Battery & Performance / Manage battery uses by the apps / Choose app / System App / Google services Framework. Set this damn thing to no restriction.

2) Then to Settings / Auto startup. There you add ALL the apps that you want to receive notifications from. In my case, eBay, Gmail, Twitter, Google Agenda, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.. That way, the Google services framework will be able to start the apps :)

Voila. If you want to test without waiting for your MILF mom to msg you on Facebook, download Push Notification Tester from the Play Store. Add that app to the Auto Start too, of course, since you want a notification from this app. Set a 15 min (900sec) trigger. Once that's done, close ALL apps even Push Notification Tester; clear memory and put your device to sleep.

Once that notification comes 15 min later, come back here and pay me a drink by Bitcoin.

My BTC address: 1KJLrauSdA37VNTZcVJKeBg9KVH6reYS2a

toad the nigga,

update: if you want that LED to blink once your receive a notification, it's in Settings, Notification & status bar, Apps Notifications, select the app that you want to led blink and put the led trigger to ''ON''. You must do this step to each app that you want the LED to go ON.
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