Music controls missing in notification shade and lock screen


Dec 18, 2022
Hello everyone. Since I updated my Xiaomi 12 Pro to Android 13 (MIUI version: Global 13.2.4 Stable), I have issues with my music apps - I use Spotify and SoundCloud and they both stopped showing pause/play, previous and next song buttons in notification shade and lock screen (as can be seen in the screenshots). Now I only have like buttons and shuffle on Spotify, which are useless to me. I tried every way to fix it that I could find online but nothing helped. It's very annoying having to unlock my phone and open the music app just to stop the music or switch to another song.
Has anyone had the same problem? If yes, how did you fix it?
Thank you for any help or tips.


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I got around the issue temporarily by installing an older version of Spotify. This one works for me.

Can't comment on soundcloud though since I don't use it but hopefully Xiaomi starts playing nice with the new APIs soon
I experience this issue not only for Spotify, but also same problem even for YouTube (with Premium it supports background mode)

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Hello, I have the same problem but with the Youtube app. Is it a MIUI problem? since in miui 13 and miui 14 I have the same problem.
Poco F5 Pro (Mondrian) user on the latest stable version available (
I have the same problem with all players in general, they adopt the color of the cover of the song/video and in some cases it is impossible to read what it says, especially when I go down the street in the daytime.
Is there any way to solve it? Thanks

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Go to Settings - Manage Apps - Music - Notifications - Enable Show Notifications from upside. and go to bottom (Notification Categories) you will see Music and etc. try to enable them as well. it will work


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