poco f2 pro

  1. Y

    Installing Xiaomi.eu version for my Poco F2 Pro Global SJKMIXM

    I currently have Poco F2 Pro Global SJKMIXM version MIUI 13 and I wanted to know if I can install the EU version of the ROM on my phone? Would that be possible? If so what is the best process that will allow me to install the EU version with minimal risks of device bricked?
  2. Y

    TWRP not able to mount after updating to 13.0 (Poco F2 Pro)

    Hi There Just update my phone to 13.0 Using miui.eu rom fastboot update but i can not use twrp to install magisk as it seems like it can not mount my storage i have tried to format with no avail and even tried some other workarounds that were listed online like changing storage to EXt2 then Back...
  3. Niccolò

    What's a "ROM Rebuild"?

    Hi! Some minutes ago, I searched some updates for my phone (Poco F2 Pro with the K30Pro's miui from xiaomi.eu rom) and it says that there is a rom rebuild for the MIUI (the current version). What is a rom rebuild and what am I supposed to do? It's like a normal update or have I...
  4. R

    Poco F2 Pro: Restore MIUI Cloud Backup?

    EDIT: Did not work! I restored most apps from google instead and had to put in all the credentials again... Original question: My phone is on the stock ROM 12.5.1 (RJKEUXM), and currently, it seems, only the cloud backup to Xioami works (at least for most apps and settings), while the...
  5. M

    POCO F2 PRO NFC problem

    I'm trying to use NFC on my phone but isn't working properly. I have the 12.5.2 Stable ROM (xiaomi.eu rom). Anyone else with this problem?
  6. B


    I've tried to install .EU rom but the phone keep rebooting to the TWRP only. tried 3 different ROM unsuccessfully. i have to put back stock rom to be able to boot the phone. any ideas?
  7. D

    [Poco F2 Pro] A few questions about flashing

    Hello, So i got a lot of bugs on stock miui Poco F2 pro and read that Xiaomi.eu would be a good replacement. The last days i have read a lot about flashing roms on xiaomi phones and i still got a few questions about it, so i hope you guys can help me out. Currently im running Stock Miui...
  8. Bisona

    MD5 Sum doesn't match (Installing miui 14)

    When I'm trying to install MIUI via an OTA Update, I get the error " MD5 Sum doesn't match...". I deleted all previous zips installed for previous miui versions, but I still get the same error. What should I do?
  9. P

    Invalid Pocophone Users

    Can we Pocophone users get back our beloved POCO Launcher with working gestures please? Also, in the latest versions I cannot search my apps with the bottom google bar anymore, and it's very frustrating.
  10. B

    New 5G with Mi 11 (CN-Version)

    Hello i have a problem with my Mi 11. I have unlocked the bootloader and installed the stable MIUI from here. (MIUI with MIUI 21.2.24 Beta have i the Bug too. With the original China Rom I have 5G. I am receiving absolutely no 5G. I also tried to force my smartphone to use it...
  11. Tiagolirape

    Poor ram management

    Why does this Rom has such poor ram management? Any app, if sent to background, is automatically removed from ram. Every time I'm multi tasking, reloads, reloads and more reloads. This phone has enough ram to keep at least some apps in memory, but it keeps none. Firefox is always pushed out of...
  12. GLDYY

    New ̶D̶e̶f̶a̶u̶l̶t̶ ̶R̶o̶b̶o̶t̶o̶ Every font not appearing to change to bold when apps need it. [F2 Pro / K30 Pro] [21.1.20]

    Hey, It appears as if bold fonts do not appear in some apps (e.g WhatsApp) when displaying bold text. it just appears as normal text without any boldness to it. this is happening since I flashed the Xiaomi.eu ROM. it did not happen on stock.
  13. samvdkris

    New Recents stuttering with EU ROM on Poco F2

    I installed the EU ROM (weekly build, but I've also tried the stable version) on my phone today. Most stuff seems to work fine, but I'm having some issues with the recents menu stuttering pretty bad. I also can't double-tap the recents navbar button to switch to the last app (instead it seems to...
  14. D

    Storage "Not found"

    Hello developers, what's wrong with the the last 2 updates (12.1.2 and 12.1.3) for pocophone F2 Pro? Mine, our phones have several problems that I would like you to solve. I'll tell you a few: When I open the file manager the app crashes and now when i open it, it says "disconnected". I...
  15. N

    Poco f2 pro flash k30 pro eu stable

    Hi all, I am new to poco f2 pro. After reviewing the thread, i know that poco f2 pro can be flashed with k30 pro eu rom. Could anybody share the experience about using eu rom? Any bugs compare to the official poco f2 pro rom? Thanks in advance!
  16. M

    Xiaomi EU questions

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a Poco F2 Pro and I was wondering if I should run the xiaomi.eu ROM. I am quite new to the whole flashing of ROMs thing so I wanted to ask a few questions. Will I be able to run banking apps? Can I relock my bootloader? How risky is the flashing procedure? Am...