poco x3 nfc

  1. E

    Microphone bug

    Microphone suddenly losing stereo and the quality of recording becomes worse (both video and audio recorder). Checking the channel of the recorded audio shows 2 channels (left and right) but they are the same so it's practically mono audio. Wiping the phone (factory reset) fixes the problem but...
  2. D


    Hello. İ have some bugs and questions. 1. İ have less battery time in poco x3 nfc Xiaomi eu 13 rom. How can i fix it? 2. When i update google play system device restarts twice and back to old system update september 2021. Why? 3. Sometimes after restart notification volume go down to 50%. How to...
  3. S

    New POCO X3 NFC v12.5.8 Problem

    im downloading the update using updater app built in, the problem is its always not responding and when its near to finish it stop and downloading again
  4. I

    New [Poco x3 NFC] no caller id with VoLTE

    Hi. Having a bug here with the poco x3 nfc when recieving calls on VoLTE there is no caller id. The problem is with KPN provider in the Netherlands. But they say they are 3GPP compliant and the problem is within software mbn-profile in modemconfig
  5. I

    please fix "No caller ID" problem over VoLTE with KPN

    This bug of not recieving callerid on incoming phonecalls when calling over VoLTE is very easy to fix by adding the right mbn profile in Modemconfig but this is not accessible by endusers in the poco x3. So it has to be fixed by the developers through an update KPN is the largest Dutch mobile...
  6. J

    Should I update my POCO X3 NFC device?

    I just downgraded my phone from a global rom with the android 11 version but it contains so many bugs that I chose to downgrade it to this xiaomi,eu rom from this forum. I hear that this one might contain some of the bugs that the global rom have so I am making sure to know the difference so I...
  7. D

    pokemón Masters EX Does not start

    As the title says, when trying to start the game downloaded from Google play, it does not start, which was not the case with the official ROM of the phone. Any suggestion?. Sorry English is not my native language.
  8. 4

    Invalid poco x3 nfc 12.5.1

    Hi, I have some issues. I'm trying to recover a home screen from the xiaomi cloud. It seems that there are no backups in the recovery even though there are. 2. When I try to update the google play system the device turns off and on. Updates but after the power does turn off and on again and...
  9. I

    Invalid Lock screen live wallpaper sound

    I recently purchased a Poco X3 Pro and it had the update of MIUI But before I did the update I wanted to test the phone for a little longer and I set up a live wallpaper which I had no idea it was possible . Anyways, I activated the fingerprint and all of that and I noticed that the...
  10. L

    New Bluetooth Connectivity Problem, Poco X3 NFC to Windows 10

    So I tried to connect my X3 to my PC but it fails everytime with the notification on my phone that the pairing was unsuccesfull because of non matching PINs, on my PC it shows that the pairing was succesfull but I can't establish a connection. I already tried to turn on and off bluetooth...
  11. J

    I want to downgrade from Xiaomi Eu Poco X3 NFC to Eu rom

    Yesterday I flash Xiaomi Eu rom in my Poco X3 NFC by Orangefox recovery. From Xiaomi Global stable rom. I flash eu rom of poco x3 nfc v12.0.1.0 (android 11). But now I want to downgrade into Xiaomi eu rom of my device which is v12.0.9 (android 10) through my Orangefox recovery. Does it safe? I...
  12. F

    Running using POCO in your pocket

    Hello I recently bought POCO X3 NFC. When running with a wired headset, the phone starts changing songs, increasing and decreasing the sound without me touching .... Can someone help me disable the mobile phone movements?
  13. AidenPearce

    New Status bar disappears in control center

    Hi, I flashed EU ROM (12.0.7) on my Poco X3 NFC. I'm getting this bug where the status bar on control center disappears after some time of booting. (I uploaded images both before and after the bug). This gets fixed after rebooting, but disappears again after some time. Hope you can help me...
  14. SandmanRF

    Poco X3 NFC Black Screen of death the same day I bought it

    Hi, i just bought a Poco X3 NFC 128Gb, after 3 hours of use, you know, initial config, app downloading, sing in, etc. I put the phone into my pocket and five minutes later when i tried to unlock it, the phone was death, not responding to anything, i tried to connect charger but nothing happened...
  15. T

    poco x3 nfc

    when i cast youtube to my chromecast it casts on default video quality and there is no way to change the quality will casting i have to stop casting and select the better quality and then recast. is there away to fix this?
  16. E

    Will Stable ROM work on Poco X3 NFC?

    The Poco X3 is not in the list for the Stable ROM and I want to make sure it works before I install it.