Leaving LineageOS to MIUI


Jan 1, 2024
Hi everyone !
A year ago I flashed Lineage on my X3 NFC without any backup of anything, thinking Lineage will do. Thing is, I need to remove it and put back the "stock OS". I've tried to wipe and flash some surya.zip from forums, but I might have broken something since from now on, the mobile only power on in fastboot (logo has changed tho, went from the rabbit fixing the Android mascot to just FASTBOOT written in orange). Some things seems to have changed, despite the phone not booting up even on Lineage, I was thinking of downloading a full ROM of surya in .zip and installing it via recovery through the "install/apply updates".
PS : I dont seem to have TWR, recovery and fastboot are still provided by Lineage it seems.

Pls help me dearest community, I need that phone to work back "normally" again :( .