1. R

    Android don't start [xiaomi redmi s2]

    Hello. Sorry for my English. I'm Brazilian, most of the text I used google translate. I don't know if this is the topic I should post this question, but let's go. The problem is with a xiaomi redmi S2, global version. My wife's cell phone was a problem overnight, literally. We went to sleep it...
  2. F

    Where to find TWRP for Redmi S2 (ysl)?

    I can't find the TWRP download for my Redmi S2 (rom name 'ysl'). Who can help me find it?
  3. misoledad

    New Option "show SIM-card memory" shows : total 0/1006 occupied.

    Device: Redmi S2 global/4G/64 First of all, I am a bloody beginner with Xiaomi, sorry, and also with Android system, and English is not my mother language. Current problem: I really dont know if it is a bug. I put in a SIM card with 205 contacts. These 205 contacts are also showing up, but...