1. M

    Having trouble unlocking BL on Redmi Note 8

    Hi everyone. I'm struggling with unlocking my Redmi Note 8 as I said in the title. I logged on to my Mi account and attempted to "add account and device", initially failed as it was requesting a SIM card. So I inserted the SIM card of the phone I am currently using to add the account, there were...
  2. J

    Can I remove sim card during 168 hour wait

    I recently bought a redmi phone and started the 168 hour wait to unlock the bootloader and I was wondering if I could take out my sim card and use it in my old phone while I'm waiting. Also I tried the mi unlock tool to see if the timer was working but it just stopped working halfway through and...
  3. C

    New Sim is detected but no signal

    Hello! I have a Redmi Note 9s My phone turned off then when I turned it back on I can't use my sim card anymore my phone detects my sim but I can't use it to call or data cause it has x on it. Please help I have this trouble for almost 1 week now I can provide any pics if u want to see huhu
  4. M

    Modem/SIM/Wireless broken when returning to Stock MIUI from Custom ROM

    Hello, I was using LineageOS since the first day I got the phone. I performed the Android12 upgrade however it was not fully usable yet so I decided to flash my backup. Then there followed some major backup restore issues which forced me do revert all the way back to Stock MIUI and start fresh...
  5. B

    Invalid Mobile network not available

    Hi all, I've updated my Mi8 to version yesterday through TWRP. Update went fine, however when my phone booted, it didn't ask for my pincode. I saw that it also didn't connect to my network operator. Now I can't make phone calls, send text messages or use my mobile data... When I want...
  6. D

    SIM card vertical icon

    Hello, planning to add to Xiaomi EU vertical icon of two SIM cards?
  7. limb0ist

    Assigning SIM card to another account

    I bought another Mi 9 for a family member of mine. I inadvertently assigned that phone's SIM card to my own Mi account. So now, I cannot unlock the phone as I get the "Cannot use the same SIM on more than one account" error. Is there a way to remove the sim card assignment from my MI account...
  8. T

    New [MI9SE-9.7.25]Wifi/SIM signal strange behavior

    So long story short, i bought the mi9se and it came a week ago and i'm facing several problems that i'm not sure if its hardware or software, if you guys could help it would be awesome. Issues: 1 - It seems that its happening a problem with wifi or SIM chip signal, that it disconnects and...
  9. Z

    Invalid Mi8 sim card issues

    Hi. My global mi8 was faultless since new until a couple of weeks ago. I had just 1 sim installed and it stopped working, no signal and an emergency calls only notification displayed. My son restored the phone and this got the sim recognised again but after a few days it was not working. we...
  10. R

    Cannot Type Sim Pin When Requested, Phone Works Excellently Without Sim

    Hello, I am hereby seeking urgent help from anyone with any experience in this matter. I must say I am very disappointed in Xiaomi products after this failure........ My Xiaomi MI4C due not allow me to type the pin code when starting up. There is no problem with the screen, the touch works...
  11. S

    Urgent Problem After Flash Rom!

    Hi I explain briefly what happened.I purchased my first xiaomi, redmi 4G, and once unlocked bootloader I have flashed a Rom ok,except for one thing, once you start the SIM card terminal is fully off .Always "no Service", also a notification appears with "SIM failed or not...
  12. G

    [sim Data Usage] Status - Features - Extras

    The MIUI rom offers a limited set of data, and tend to forget it with time... just the current/ongoing month ...and when this finish, puff! no more data of that (past) month. This was the situation with 6 (mm) and the miui 8. Is this still going on? Or are they on the way to some (more?)...
  13. A

    Mi5 With No Signal

    Hi all. I tried to find some help in a spanish forum I usually visit, but is no help, I think the case I have is quite rare and strange. I have never read before about. 2016's black friday I had a friend searching for a phone, and I achieved a quite cheap Mi5 for him. Is 3gb ram and 32gb...
  14. Rdzeniuch

    New (rn3p) Sim Slot 1 - "no Service"

    Hello . I have a problem with my Xiaomi Redmi note 3 pro 2GB. I update to 7.1.19 and i don't have any signal on my SIM1. Only "No Service" even when there is signal. On SIM2 slot everything is working. (I have only one sim card) I wipe phone and instal old version and same bug. Phone is original...
  15. Acobcod

    New No Signal, No Networks

    Can´t find any network service since the last dev update on my Mi5. NO internet, no signal, nothing, only WiFi works. I get data and signal service sometimes but only for 2 or 3 min. Currently I'm in global stable 8.1.2. It started since I updated to 6.11.10 official developer ROM and I have...
  16. Acobcod

    Sim / Networks Problem

    Hello guys, my name is Cobas, and I have a Mi5 since its release more or less and since I have uploaded to 6.11.10 official global dev mi SIM doesn't work, the phone recognizes it but I have no signal or service. It works sometimes but no more than 2 or 3 minutes. I have tried many things, from...
  17. seb_ffwrd

    Redmi 3 Pro No Sim/service Issue

    Hi there! I tried a few different ido builds from (including 7.3.1), but none of them provides any service to my redmi 3 pro. the sim card just won't be recognised. I even can't enter the sim card options in the settings. The sim card works fine with the china developer rom and the...