1. D

    New Display turns off while using Maps/watching video

    I just got a Redmi note 11 with MIUI 13 and I noticed that the display turns off automatically after 30 seconds (as I set it up in display settings), but it turns off even while watching videos on Mi Video or YouTube, or while navigating with Maps. I didn't find any display settings in the...
  2. K

    MI 11i battery drain by "Other"

    Hello, this is the battery graph of my daily use on MI 11i with basic apps like whatsapp and facebook. Situation has been the same since the day I bought the phone but I was patiently waiting to see will MIUI 14 fix it but it didn't. I should have returned it the very fast day I bought it. I...
  3. Rollo27

    "Hey Google" does not wake up from standby

    Maybe, after the last update tu MIUI 12 I cannot start the Google Assistant when phone is in standby. E.g. to call car hands-free facility. I remember it worked fine a long time, but it was with MIUI 11, I suppose. If the display is on or locked (but with visible lock screen), it works fine -...
  4. D

    Fix Deep Sleep in Standby Mode. Battery Drain Solution

    Have anyone tried this solution? Is that legit or will it change my phone into toster? The file is here.