stock firmware

  1. G

    Mi 11 Venus - From Weekly to Stock

    Hi! Nice work with the Xiaomi.EU ROM and loving the quality and the features of the ROM. I have been racking my brain all day trying to figure out how to go back to Stock firmware on my device because I have gotten the infamous broken camera sensor so I cant take any pictures at x1 zoom and up...
  2. T

    what does flashing via fastboot actually do?

    Hi! If I modify files that are in the root "/" directory, e.g. create new folders, modify chmod, delete files etc., if I flash the stock rom via fastboot, will all partitions and files in the "/" directory be restored? Or will the flash restore only some partitions?
  3. sergiomc

    Return to global or indonesian stock

    Is there a way to return to put the global stock software in my MI10T or better yet the Indonesian one (by the Xiaomi marker)? It happens that I am in the stable EU 12.5.7, and when I wanted to follow the Xiaomi MIflash tool method, I got a message that it cannot be downgraded, from version...
  4. halfzwaar

    Delivery status on Mi 10 Pro (cmi)

    Good Morning from Bavaria everbody, I'm flashing Xiaomi phones since ages now but this is the first time, I want to go back to delivery status because I want to sell my phone. At the moment I'm on ROM 12.5 and I want to flash the original global firmware and relock the phone. With...
  5. A

    install stock firmware on k30 pro

    hi, is it possible to install the stock global rom of the k30 pro EU on my k30 pro that i took from china? is there any risk? i wanted to do it through miflash tool, some told me that i risk the brick by flashing a stock global on a chinese smartphone