1. R

    Can't root mi8 using weekly rom

    Hello all, I'm using weekly in my mi8, but I try to root using magisk or supersu, but it fails because of boot.img not being patched. So if possible, can someone please give a link to a miui 11 boot dev image or a fastboot link so that I can apply boot using flashify or even using mi flash...
  2. S

    Can't flash TWRP

    I've tried to flash 3 types of twrp included the one posted here, and none of them is working, one of them just kinda worked and booted, but after rebooting, mi-recovery is still there, and things I try to flash like SuperSU for example just don't show even when it shows it flashed correctly...
  3. N

    Bootloop everytime i flash rom

    Hello everyone I have an xiaomi mi 6 ceramic and is running miui 10 8.7.5 global beta, twrp and supersu. I purchased global edition. Every time i try flash whit any rom from i got bootloop. I want so bad run this roms but cant install. All my steps are Twrp Install Restart. And...
  4. M

    Help Installing Rom?

    Hello. I buyed a Xiaomi Redmi 3S with 2GB ram. Currently i have Xiaomi Global 8.1 Stable installed. I wan't install Rom. I already ask xiaomi to unlock bootloader. Now, what do i need to do? If Xiaomi gives me unlock bootloader what do i need to do? I'm scare if i brick my phone. Will...
  5. Y

    Supersu, Xposed And Weekly Rom : Need Help

    Hi ! I just received my Mi5s Plus :) I'm a novice at roms, root, twrp, and all this kind of stuff. So I followed tutorials to replace the rom initially installed on my phone by the weekly rom for Mi5s Plus (natrium), using fastboot, ADB, and TWRP. I also used TWRP to root my phone, by...
  6. Acobcod

    How To Update Mi5 From 8.1.2 Official Global Stabel Rom To Best Rom?

    Hello guys, I need some help to do that, I have the bootloader unlocked and nothing else. I do not understand how to install a ROM+ TWRP and SuperSu.
  7. X

    Suspersu Not Giving Me Root Access.

    I have installed Supersu 2.78 without problems through twrp, but when i check for root with a root check app its saying the device is not rooted. I have tried reflashing it and removing it from the app to renstall from playstore, but still nothing. Im using 6.10.13 rom, and i just...
  8. S

    Rn2 Miui 8 And "adb Root"

    Hi, Can anyone check if adb root works on RN2 MIUI8? I installed the adb drivers that came with PDA NET and adb works OK. If I do adb devices I get my device, adb shell works. However as soon as I try "adb root" (or adb kill-server, adb root) the device is not listed anymore. After that adb...
  9. D

    Flash Mi5, Disable Bootstrap, Install Twrp Via Adb & Make Miui "more Marshmallowy"

    To those of you who have purchased their mi5's, congratulations. We truly have a revolutionary phone. However, Android has decided that with their newer versions coming out, all secondary ROM producers must adhere to a counterfeit detection system. Enter the bootstrap loader. After a bit of...