1. F

    Can't send/receive MMS Mi 11 Ultra

    I have a mi 11 ultra running 13.0.5 stable. I can't send nor receive any MMS in Google Messages, default Xiaomi Messaging or Textra. I have checked my APN multiple times & they are correct; I have reset my APN's & reset Mobile, WIFI & bluetooth; I've contacted my carrier, who've stated that they...
  2. Slaay

    Missing translation in 'Telefoon' app

    I've update my phone Poco F3 to the latest ROM 12.5.19. Badly enough there are a lot of translations missing like when you dial a phone number. It presents English instead of Dutch. The translations which are missing now were already missing before updating my phone. The latest thread...
  3. S

    device locked i need some help

    Hello, Im having specific problem with my current device (MI8 pro). Due to some problems with my phone i wiped data from device. Now when I try to enter it asks me to enter MI password linked to my old account. Problem with this is, account was connected to some old gmail, which is deleted 2...
  4. Tecnokurd

    Adding Kurdish to Xiaomi MIUI OS

    What can we do to add Kurdish(kurmanji) to Xiaomi MIUI? We have a translation group, our group can take over the translation job. Please contact me who has information about Multi translation.
  5. N

    Is the Xiaomi Support able to determine Mi ID via IMEI ?

    I lost all access to the mi account that is bound to my device and i softbricked it. In order to unlock it I need to get that ID (Which I don't remember). I tried "forgot password" but none of my emails and phone numbers are connected to an Mi ID But I for sure logged into one on the phone. I...
  6. Prolution

    Will There Be Roms For The Mi Mix?

    Hi, I'm interested if you guys will provide ROM releases for the Mi MIX. In the latest changelog it says under Hungarian language: "no translation for MI5S/Plus/MiNote2/MiMix". Thus, it seems as if there should be a Mi MIX ROM, however the device is not listed in the figure in the weekly...
  7. daitan91

    Proximity Sensor - Screen Turns Off

    My phone (Mi2s) turns off the screen when i call, and not turn back on. I read that it is the proximity sensor and I tried to open the phone clean it and reconnect, but it doesn't work. Can I reset the proximity sensor via software? I also read to go in dialer and enter * # * # 64663 # * # *...
  8. Monra

    New Crash In Settings "device" Category Short Movie And Log

    Hello i own xiaomi redmi note 3 with newest on it i have that bug for a while about 2 weeks? maybe but now i decided to report it i will attach the movie i recorded to reproduce the bug and the log here is the movie from phone(i can mirror it just point me where i cant add it to...