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  2. maksz

    Disable Wake Up On Fingerprint Sensor Touched

    Is it possible to disable wake up by touching fp sensor (no fp added) like it was in miui 9?
  3. S

    New Please help me! My Mi 8 touch does not work.

    Please help me! My Mi8 touch does not work. I have a MI 8 for a few months, I had installed the weekly rom After a restart i try to enter TWRP then the touch does not working. I go out of TWRP and start android ( rom) but touch does not work. I made many attempts including...
  4. D

    Don't turn on

    My mi5 is fine, when suddenly the touchescreen stops recognizing any touch. Just restarting the mobile phone is back to normal. This starts to happen several times a day until it shuts off and doesn't re-start anyway, or with a charger. I have to open it, disconnect the battery and it doesn't...
  5. P

    The Display Reacts To The Touch Just A Few Seconds.

    Hello, when I press the power button on my Redmi 4A, the display on and I can unlock it. But the touch-screen response only a few seconds. Then I must switched off and on again. The phone has not been damaged by water. Any suggestion? THX
  6. D

    Touch Problem

    Hello, I bought Mi5 about 2 weeks ago and I found a problem witch touch (both screen and buttons). From time to time the touch is losing smoothness and starts "breaking". I attached photo of spiral drawn during that. It starts random. Sometimes after night, sometimes several times in a day...