Touchpad having issues when I lower the screen resolution


Jul 1, 2021
Hello, I am currently using a Poco F4 (Munch) with MIUI 14 development (Weekly 22.12.19) and I am having some issues when I lower the screen resolution.
Specifically, what happens is that when I lower the screen resolution (about 75% of the original resolution, and maintaining the original aspect radio) the touch works, but in the wrong area (usually a little above the area where I click).

And yes.. maybe the quickest solution is to just give up and not change the resolution, but it's one way I can get better performance in some games, and lowering the resolution has always helped me a lot, so I thought I'd open a thread and search any alternative solution.
P.S: I tried to use the stable version of MIUI 13, and it happens too.. so I'm not sure how long this happens.