1. Z

    MI 10s TWRP and Magisk installation

    Can someone tell me how to install the twrp from https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=322210 on the Mi 10s? Either instructions, or tutorials or videos would be great help. Also, is there a special procedure to install magisk once the twrp is installed?
  2. R

    [TUTORIAL] Fix SafetyNet issues with Magisk (also CTS profile match)

    I did it a few hours ago on my Mi 10 Ultra. Due to the many questions, I'm publishing here a fixed tutorial, how it worked for me! Please share your results below. ____________ Install Magisk: 1. Download and install Magisk Manager » MagiskManager-v8.0.4.apk Step 2: 3. Reboot your device...
  3. MAMAC

    [Tutorial] Battery drain & lag after OS update

    Hello, many people complain about battery drain & lags after OS update. This method maybe can help u. Lest first explane why and what this method do. Tutorial is taken from chinese xiaomi fans. Probably each of you was faced with high battery consumption in the first 3-4 days after updating or...
  4. I

    How to switch from China to Official Global MIUI 10 Beta on Xiaomi Mi 8

    Here is my easy and quick guide on how to go from the china rom to the miui Global rom, with links to the miui 10 beta for the Xiaomi Mi 8. Disclaimer: - It will void your warranty. If you wish to install any type of custom ROM on your smartphone and if anything goes wrong, then the...
  5. I

    How to get Google Pay Working on a Custom ROM - Magisk Manager & Rooting Your Device

    This is a very quick guide on how to get Google Pay working on devices that have a custom ROM installed on them. To do this all you need to do is install Magisk, which will Root Your device. You will need twrp installed, so please check out my other video on how to do so. LINKS...
  6. I

    How To Install A Custom ROM on Xiaomi Mi 8 - Xiaomi.eu MIUI 10 Beta

    So, Here is my quick guide on how to install a custom ROM on the Xiaomi Mi 8, although the basic steps will work on all Xiaomi phones. I'm going to be going through step by step on how to UNLOCK your BOOTLOADER, Install TWRP and finally install the Custom ROM of your choosing. Disclaimer: - It...
  7. A

    Flashing Tutorial For Oreo

    Hi to everybody! How you guys have been doing? Excited for the Oreo release? I do ! I see you guys have difficulties with installing this on Mi Note 2 , so i'll do a step by step tutorial here. First of all , i guess everybody has unlocked BL and TWRP flashed. Also, be ready to lose all your...
  8. seaeyes

    How To Install Windows 10 On Mipad2?

    Bootloader is unlocked and is already rooted. Yes, it is 64 GB variant currently with .EU rom
  9. AlexCleric

    [rn3pro_se] Unofficially Unlocked Bootloader?

    Hi! :) I have a Redmi Note 3 Pro Special Edition phone. Someone got successfully install the Xiaomi.eu ROM with unofficially unlocked bootloader? If yes, which method of unlocking and which TWRP recovery? Because i unlocked it unofficially from a tutorial I found on the web, and tried with ZCX...
  10. D

    [tutorial] Unofficial Unlock Redmi Note 3 Se (kate) Bootloader

    I made my "Kate" bootloader unlock yesterday and thought maybe someone would profit from having a small tutorial. Thanks to the folks mentioned in the PDF file I have xiaomi.eu stable ROM on my Kate now. The RAR includes all files you need that are up to date right now (Nov. '16). Have a look at...
  11. C

    Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Tutorial How To Enter In Bios And Boot Menu)

  12. C

    Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13,3" Tutorial First Boot