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    Viomi V2 Pro - noise working

    Hi! Few days ago I started vacuuming, leave the flat and suddenly I got notification "Error". I came back and saw that viomi just sucked part of my blanket. I pulled it off and restart robot. After this it sounds like... rocket ship? I don't know.. I disassembled robot, clean it up but...
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    Mi Mop P delete map?

    Hi, I recently bought Xiaomi Mi Mop P vacuum appliance. It's EU version so still on 3.5.3_0017 firmware version which doesn't support multiple rooms (thank you Xiaomi :emoji_thumbsdown:). So when I first set it up I tested it in my dinning room which is connected with kitchen. I hade save map...
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    Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential - issues after update, rug problems

    Hello, Ever since we've updated our vacuum mop, the way it cleans the apartment is erroneous. It repeats cleaning the same room, goes to the corridor, returns to the same room, but maps it as another room, and continues doing this until we turn it off, or it runs out of power and returns to...
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    Xiaomi vacuum mop 1c not tracking path

    Ever since the recent firmware update that promised room assignment, my Xiaomi robot stopped tracking its movement in the app and the icon for the dock disappeared. The robot is unable to create a smart map as a result. Any ideas on how to rectify this? Thanks in advance.
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    Xaiomi vacuum mop STYTJ01ZYM

    Hello all, I have the vacuum mop or I think mijia 1C if I am not mistaken the name and I am facing an issue with the map management! I enabled it and the creation of the maps stucked on 80% then I delete everything and do it from scratch but not it’s stuck on 0%! please can someone help,I cannot...
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    [Question] Xiaomi vacuum 1S integration with Alexa

    Hello everyone. I already have a Roborock S55 and I love it, but i have a multiple floor house so I was thinking to buy another vacuum, like the 1S (2019). My question is, can I integrate it with Alexa? I'm looking for something like "Alexa, clean the kitchen", so I want it to clean only a...
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    Mi Robot Vacuum firmware update error

    Hi, so today our dear vacuum robot decided that he want to update it's firmware to 3.3.9_003452 from 3.3.9_0031070 and wont be usable without updating it, as you can choose only Quit or Update... I tried switching to China server, updating Xiaomi Home app to 5.6.70 (from 5.6.60), reseting wifi...