Xiaomi Mi Mini Vacuum Cleaner (EU and not EU)


Oct 22, 2022

I own two "Xiaomi Mi Mini Vacuum" cordless vacuum cleaners. These are the small cylindrical teats with Hepa filtration. Both of my devices have two suction levels. In the meantime, we have a special version on the market with a single suction level. It is sold under the name "Xiaomi Mi Mini Vacuum (EU)". The performance of each tier is roughly the same as the performance of the lower tier from the other devices. Ever since I saw this, I've been wondering or worried as to why there might be a special EU device. A nightmare scenario would be that the other heat shielding device could contain asbestos material and that this has been identified and a special lower powered version is therefore being marketed in Europe.

It can also simply be that other criteria are not met, e.g. power consumption (as I said battery) or noise development; quite possible. I contacted Xiaomi's international and German support, but I just didn't get a meaningful answer. In fact, I have real concerns that the vacuum's vent will blow unhealthy stuff in my face when I'm using it, which would be really counterproductive. A CE mark is on both models and as a bona fide customer I trust the information at first. Xiaomi is also quite widespread and also quite popular and if something like this had ever been noticed, it would certainly have become known, right?

Does anyone know the reason for the two different models (1 suction level, 2 suction levels)? I know my concern may be overblown, but I have other Xiaomi devices and the lack of feedback from support hasn't really increased my confidence... but rather my insecurity.

Thanks in advance for your hints,
Dirk Trefzger