video camera

  1. M

    Xiaomi.EU ROM Camera EIS Performance

    I'm using a Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (not Redmi Note 10) as my main phone. Ever since I bought this phone 1.5 years ago the video camera has always stuttered and dropped frames during recording. My family purchased three of these phones at the same time - they all suffer from the same issue, and I've...
  2. K

    New Xiaomi Mi 9T Camera problem (Video and Slow motion mode)

    The camera app crashes when I'm selecting the Video or Slow Motion mode. My phone is running MIUI 11 (based on Android Pie). I enable location, still no luck. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  3. Shaonbd

    New Video Recording Not Working Redmi 6 Pro

    After Update my redmi 6 pro to android pie with miui beta 9.2.15 camera capture mode works fine but video recording not working. When I record a video it not respond.
  4. Colinovsky

    New Hdr And Slow-motion Doesn't Work

    Hello, I have the newest, 7.2.20 MIUI version on my Redmi 4X, and I have some problem with HDR and Slow-Motion when I'm trying to record videos by pre-installed system App. The problem is, that if i turn on camera (pre-installed system App of course) and I switch to record videos, I can press...

    Redmi 3s / 3x - Poor Video/recording/... Sound - Fixed

    Hello, It seems there is a fix for the bad quality sound while using recorder or video camera... It would be great if it could be implemented in Xiaomi.Eu Rom and even greater if they could adapt it to other models suffering from same issue (Like Redmi 2, 3, 4, Note 3, Note 4) Here is the...
  6. F

    New Mi4 | Miui 8 6.7.14 | Camera Settings Auto Reset For Video Resolution

    Hi all miuiers! I have a Xiaomi Mi4 with MIUI 8 6.7.14 installed! Bug that i discovered is that when i change video resolution in xiaomi default camera app to 4k, after closing the app and restart, every time reset to default in 720p. If i set 1080 when i restart app it's ok, 1080p, but when i...