Redmi 3s / 3x - Poor Video/recording/... Sound - Fixed

Feb 15, 2015

It seems there is a fix for the bad quality sound while using recorder or video camera...

It would be great if it could be implemented in Xiaomi.Eu Rom and even greater if they could adapt it to other models suffering from same issue (Like Redmi 2, 3, 4, Note 3, Note 4)

Here is the post from forum:
Files to flash are available in the original post, here

Fixing bad sound during video recording / in dictaphone for Redmi 3S / 3X
Also posted on 4PDA and XDA forums

UPD: patch only for 3S/3X, it will not work on R2, R3, R4, RMN3 without adapting.
Please, don't ask me to port on other models, ask someone on forum.
Because without device I can't test all.

Many-many people noticed awful sound quality in videos no matter what camera or ROM used.
Was created two bug-reports, this and another one
Also this problem affects at least Redmi 2, 3 and 4, seems Note 3 Pro too.

Basing on XDA thread with fix of similar issue on Nexus 5 created patchfor Redmi 3S / 3X, that disabling noise cancellation in camera and apps (but not in-call).
Sound quality now much better: no crackling, no floating volume, just clean more louder sound.
So now this disturbing problem finally fixed.

Sample without and with fix attached to post.
Recorded via stock camera (mono, 96 Kbps), phone no moved, music volume not touched.
Someone can notice lack of bass, but I think it's just hardware microphone limitation (designed for voice, not ambient sound).


  • how to install TWRP? Follow this or this thread
  • if phone won't boot apply TWRP > Advanced > Disable DM-verity
  • patch applied for mono-recording in video (stock camera), and for stereo (awesome Snap Camera HDR)
  • also applied for dictaphone and other applications
  • noise cancellation during call still works, which good
  • patch compatible with any MIUI firmware and any custom rom's (CM / LOS / RR)
  • patch directly edits files, not replacing them: it's more correct, because files can be outdated
  • patch reverts all edits from old versions, implemented protection if patch applied twice
  • for custom rom's added auto-restore script: patch will persist even after updating rom
  • on MIUI you need flash patch after any update via any method

Brief version history:
5 - fix in-call mic volume for those who disabled in-call noise cancellation via build.prop (version fits all)
4 - a bit reduced volume to avoid distortion near loud sources
3 - fixed volume in-call
2 - increased volume, but voice in-call was too loud
1 - inital buggy with low mic volume

Installing / updating (v.5):
Just flash via TWRP ZIP that attached to post
Also there is zip for reverting changes.

Or manual installing:
Highly not recommended due possible conflicts if you apply ZIP-patch later.
Moreover if you made mistake or not set required rights / owner / SELinux-context phone will not boot.
So better just flash ZIP.

0. You need root.
1. Edit /system/etc/audio_platform_info.xml
Under line <acdb_ids> add this:
<device name="SND_DEVICE_IN_HANDSET_MIC" acdb_id="1"/>
<device name="SND_DEVICE_IN_HANDSET_STEREO_DMIC" acdb_id="1"/>
2. Edit /system/etc/mixer_paths_qrd_sku1.xml
At middle of file find these lines:
<path name="handset-mic">
<path name="adc1" />
And replace them for this one line:
<path name="handset-mic"><path name="adc1" /><ctl name="DEC1 Volume" value="96" /><ctl name="DEC2 Volume" value="96" />
3. Find this line:
<path name="voice-call">
And replace it for this one line:
<path name="voice-call"><path name="adc1" /><ctl name="DEC1 Volume" value="84" /><ctl name="DEC2 Volume" value="84" />
4. Find this line:
<path name="handset-stereo-dmic-ef">
And under it add this:
<ctl name="DEC1 Volume" value="96" />
<ctl name="DEC2 Volume" value="96" />
5. Reboot phone.

Raflyn Ratag

Dec 20, 2013
i use other zip and it work flawlessly.
here i attach the file.
pardon me i don't remember where i got this file but credit goes to the modder whom names are written in the file ( it's OJT and i know he is from Indonesia).
hope this file helps.


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Raflyn Ratag

Dec 20, 2013
back up your system and try to flash it, if it doesn't work then you can just restore your system safely afterwards.
i think it'll work by looking at the zip content.
do it with your own risk my friend