1. B

    Pad 5 Widevine L1/L3

    Good morning everyone, I bought 3 days ago a Mi Pad 5 in Italy and I used with Netflix and Prime in HD without a problem. Today, while I was using Netflix, the app chrashed with an error (516 or something, it disappeared fast) and now I can't see anymore in HD on Netflix and neither on Prime. On...
  2. GuseppiGuliano

    [Widevine] [Mi 11 Ultra] What Would Be the Widevine status if I flash xiaomi.eu over the Global ROM

    Hi there all good people! I hope you all are great... I was wondering whether I would lose my Widevine L1 which I'm currently enjoying on the latest Global Stable ROM if I flash Xiaomi.eu Weekly? I really hate the Global ROMs and have always used xiaomi.eu since my Mi 2s. But I've recently...
  3. mar_robHD

    Invalid Lost widevine L1 again after renewal on Mi 9 after some time

    Today, 10 hours ago I got a new L1 certificate on my Mi9 via fingerprint payments. Unfortunately the widevine status changed from L1 back to L3. I'm also unable to download a new certificate. When trying to download the new certificate, the error code 1 pops up
  4. F

    Resolved Widevine L3 without any flash

    My phone: Mi 9t (davinci) Hi, I was on EU Stable 12.1.2 with Widevine L1. A few days ago (I don't know exactly when it happend) it switched to L3 so I can`t watch Netflix in Full HD anymore. I tried installing newest weekly but still L3. I tried installing the Widevine L1 patch by @Poney70 but...
  5. jxfire23

    Widevine Certification for K30 4G

    Hello, I was wondering if it was possible for the K30 4G to get Widevine L1 since that was available in the Poco X2 India release, and if this could be migrated to XiaomiEU? I'm fairly new to flashing ROMs and was unsure if this is a possibility, or if it's simply stuck at this point. For other...
  6. Poney70

    [ 9.12.12 and later ] [ Mi 9T and others ] Widevine is L3 now...

    Hello, the thread's title says all... Widevine was L1 in 9.12.5 and below on my Mi 9T but is L3 in 9.12.12. :( EDIT: Widevine L1 patch is available! See #14 :) EDIT 2: Widevine L1 is back in 20.1.21 beta ROM update for Mi 9T/Mi 9T Pro and others maybe!
  7. A

    Widevine on Chinese variant K20 Pro

    Hi, Did anyone tried EU MIUI 11 9.9.26 on K20 Pro Chinese variant and tried downloading the widevine certificate? Is it working/Is L1 now present? Thanks in advance :)
  8. ghrohit

    Getting an error on downloading widevine certificate

    I am on 9.8.29 build (clean flash) when I try to download the Widevine L1 certificate from Fingerprint unlock> Fingerprint payments, getting the error "Couldn't download certificate. Error code:-10009". I am using China Mi 9 Any solution? I have tried on VPN but didn't work.