xiaomi mi 10 pro

  1. P

    Mi 10 Pro weekly rom upgrade failure

    HI All, I was upgrading my MI 10 Pro from the weekly EU rom. I am on 21.11.3 version, i was upgrading via OTA how ever it failed to download until the system says the update is not responding. I tried to download the ROM and install it via TWRP, however. while installing i had the error...
  2. H

    Miui 12 volume control (like on xiaomi mi note 3)

    Hello, i loved the highly accurate volume control of music playback from xiaomi mi note 3. I would ask if this feature like on the mi note 3 rom are just a option i can set in settings.On the current stable rom release (V12.2.2.0.RJACNXM - stable) its just unsatisfiyng and would ask if you can...
  3. I

    Mi 10 Pro Bluetooth issues

    I am on the Mi 10 Pro Stable 11.0.18.QJACNXM. I did a clean install but I am having a problem with Bluetooth. I think it's because of the smart watch. (I have to test it further). I have the Huawei GT2 I have calling switched off. Today I forgot to wear it for a couple of hours and phone seemed...
  4. scorptek

    Mi 10 & 10 Pro Eu.rom MIUI12 / 20.5.22/24/20.6.18

    *Camera working/ ok but turkish language not working macro mode *Volte/vowifi not working / vowifi not working *Google assistant "ok google" not working / ok perfect
  5. SpectraXxX

    Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Chinese version in Sweden will it work with 4G and 5G?

    Hello, guys, I am new here and do not have so much tech knowledge please bear with me with these following questions, I would appreciate all the help. I am gonna buy a Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 512gb 12gb ram version, but there is no one selling at Sweden at the moment any, they only sell 256gb version...